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Welcome to the Christian Women in Business Community & Directory, we are a community of passionate women, we don’t mind getting our hands dirty and we are gracefully hustling our way through the business world and we would love for you to join in on the fun. We talk about all things God, Business, Money. We are all about strengthening and building each other up so we are equipped for our calling from God.

We’d love for you to come and join un the fun!

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Hi, I am SJ, A Jesus loving, Business Owning, Chocolate loving Renovating addict from NSW.
I created Christian Women in Business as a space where Christian business women could feel connected and supported on every aspect of their journey.
I found it hard to navigate the challenges of business as a Christian and no resources to help me understand how to put God at the centre of this side of my life. Nor could I find a community where I could share the journey of business and make friends with like-minded women.
Those offering business advice where not Christian or understood the challenges and my Christian circle did not understand the demands and needs of business.
Thus, CWIB was born as a place to talk about the hard stuff and take inspiration from God and business leaders that walked before us.
We have a membership, podcast, events and incredible network I am so blessed to be part of. So keep scrolling and learn about all the incredible ways you can join our community and know that you are so welcome in this space!

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