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We are a community of Christian Women in Business aligning our businesses with God.

Hey there beautiful lady,

Welcome to Christian Women in Business, one of the largest communities out there for women who love business & God.  I founded CWIB back in 2017 and so far we’ve had an AMAZING response from women all over the globe who are super excited about finding a community that puts God at for forefront.

So if you’re looking for a community for that extra something that you’ve felt is missing from other communities or if you’re starting a business and would love some guidance you’ve come to the right place.

We want to be there for you lady – to pray & encourage you as you build your business because every business owner knows, it’s no smooth path.

Here are some different ways we can help you...


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You can download our FREE CWIB App on any Android or Apple Phone. Through the app you will receive Daily Verses, you can listen to our podcast show, keep up with The Blog, events and much much more…


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If you’re wanting to interact with like-minded women and get your hands on some amazing workshops to help you propel your business forward we’d love to invite you to become a member…

It's time to join your tribe

We believe every woman is capable of doing amazing things with amazing woman & God by her side

We're all about uniting like-minded women together like yourself, encouraging and strengthening you to build a business that you love and of empowering you to make money!

What's included in our different membership options...

Academy – Full to the brim with Business Bundles & Workshops to help you build a successful business.

Business Meet Ups – All across Australia we have Face to Face Meet Ups on a monthly basis so you can chat about all things business & accountability.

Digital Magazine – You’ll gain access to all of our digital magazines created with you in mind to keep you focused on God and moving forward.

Podcast Transcripts – If you’re a reader instead of a listener, you can now print off our podcast transcripts and make notes to your heart consent.

Webinars – You’ll gain access to all the webinar recordings. We’ve covered: Hearing God’s Voice, Building a God Centred Business That Makes Money plus more…

Online Sofa Sessions – Once a quarter we have a guest speaker join us on a webinar and share their business success secrets with us.

Conference & Retreat Recordings – You’ll have access to all the audio recordings from our major events.

+ Please note you will need to be a Sisterhood & enriched Member to receive parts or full access to these resources.

Academy Topics…

+ All things Time Management & Productivity

+ All things Online & Offline Marketing

+ All things God & Business

+ All things Planning & Creating

+ Tools We Use

If at any time you feel you need to get in contact with us, you can do so via the Contact Us page.

See you around awesome woman of God

SJ x