#20 Business Basics – Is the World Ready For Your Business? Market Research

Join us a we share our 5 day Facebook Live Series called Business Basics.  We’ve recently launched a new workshop in our membership called Business Basics and we wanted to bless all the ladies out there who are thinking about starting a business. God put it on our Founders heart to encourage His daughters in business, so we want to do just that.  Some of you ladies out their are thinking about starting a business and you have big dreams that God has given you.  These are some steps to help get you started. #20 Business Basics – Is the World Ready For Your Business? Market Research Now you know your why and your mission it’s really important to see if people are will to pay for your product or service. To know that you need to do some market research. In this podcast we go through some basic ways of checking the market and how to tell if someone is going to buy your product or service. Before you dive into your market research remind yourself that this isn’t a time to compare yourself to other people or their businesses this is about you, completing market research. Be asking yourself, can you see any gaps in the market? If you have any questions write them below, we’d love to help you 🙂 For more information about becoming a member of Christian Women in Business click here >> For more information about our up coming conference click here >>

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