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And learn how to draw closer to God in your business so you can handle any situation that’s thrown your way…

Hey there lady,

Do you find it hard when you hear people telling you to get into the Word of God so you can hear from Him for your business, but you’re unsure about how to study the Bible?

Or maybe you’ve tried reading the bible before and you’ve found it really hard to understand but you desperately want to draw closer to God in your business?

I get it, I’ve had a number of women contacting me now saying, “SJ you tell us to get into God’s word, but we don’t know how to do that. How do you study the word of God?”

We’re not going to leave you feeling in the dark any longer beautiful lady <3 We’ve created a 6 Week Bible Study challenge and we’re going to teach busy business owners like yourself, how to study God’s word effectively so when a trying time comes up in your business you know how to seek God about what to do and so you can build your relationship with Him.

Leaving you feeling God’s presence, at peace and know you’ve got your ultimate shield of protection in place.

Don’t worry, we know you’re busy building an empire so this challenge wont’ get up much of your precious time, but will still be effective.

I look forward to personally taking you through this series and empowering you to be a mighty woman of God in your business.


SJ xx

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From the Father in heaven who loves you and wants your business to flurish


Our Father anything, He is a Dad who loves to teach


The ultimate way to hear God's voice, wisdom & knowledge


Into the amazing woman God needs you to be

What you'll get with the Challenge...


You'll have access to our special 6 Week Challenge Community so we can learn together and you can ask questions at any time


This challenge will be lead by our Founder SJ and she will be teaching you first hand how to study the word


You can access this challenge from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device that connects to the internet


Where needed we will develop worksheets and workbooks to help you through this challenge

Because you can't afford to not hear the words of your father...

Let's make this simple & easy