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Discipling Through Words

When we founded CWIB God made it very clear that we were going to be a mission focused business. That we would to share the Word of God through business to business owners.

Our Digital Magazine is one of our most powerful discipling tools that we use to minister to women all over the globe.

Sharing useful business tips, stories of women out in the market place and of course to invite people to share a life with Jesus.

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We’d love to put your brand in front of our unique audience. 

We have thousands of women across our platforms and email list who love God, are aged between 25 to 65 years old and love all things pretty.

We’re always on the look out for products and services to promote. 

We’ve tried to make our Ads as affordable as possible to make sure every women has a chance to promote her business.

Your investment will go towards the publication of this magazine, making sure God’s awesomeness gets in front of as many women as possible.

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The Podcast Show

Encouraging the Nations

We created our podcast to help share women’s stories & wisdom from all different walks of business.

With over 33,000 downloads and an average of 750 downloads per/week our podcast is going every month listened by women & men from all over the world including USA, Australia and the UK. 

Our podcast can be found on iTunes, Google, YouTube, Spotify and many other platforms including our very own app.

We’re inviting you to support this amazing source for women through sponsorship. With the sponsorship we’ll advertise your brand once throughout each podcast you sponsor. 

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Email Marketing

Our email list consists of 3,000 plus women that we stay in regular contact with via one monthly email to our whole list and weekly emails to our members with a overall 60% interaction rate.

We’ve opening up spaces for sponsored ad’s in every email we send out to our list. 

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Monthly Packages

If you’d like to take advantage and place advertisement’s in a number of different area’s we’re happy to chat about monthly packages tailor designed for you and your business. 

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