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Is It Okay for Christians to Run Businesses, Make Money and be in Leadership?

In this week’s podcast, hear Sj’s heart about being a Christian, being a female, being in business and being in leadership.  How God used women to change history.  There were women throughout the Bible that God used tremendously and amazing things happened because they stepped out and followed God’s call.  SJ encourages and takes you back to your … Read more

Putting Everything in God’s Hands

In this week’s podcast, we are graced by Rebekah Sharpe, an Ordained Minister, Corporate Marketing Manager, Emcee, Motivational Speaker, co-creator and host of the digital TV show, Glory TV.  Rebekah is known for her captivating stage presence and keen ability to bring positivity, levity and insight while touching on some of life’s most difficult circumstances.  … Read more