Are you ready to take your faith to the next level...?

Lady, we are so excited to bring to you the CWIB Community Conference/Retreat for 2020!

We hope you’re ready for an awesome time…

DATES: 21st Feb to 23rd or 24th Feb 2020

Location: The Collaroy centre, northern beaches – sydney


Worship & Prophecy

We’ve created an intimate weekend for you where you get to connect with like minded women who share a vision of incorporating business with passion, purpose and spirituality, where you can reconnect and spend time with God.

It’s a weekend where you can feel like you belong and talk about business until your hearts content.  You’ll be encouraged to open your heart to God and let Him heal you, touch your heart and restore you.

God wants to open your eyes to His Kingdom, He wants to show you how He does business on the earth and how it’s ever so different to how you might think. But once your eyes have been opened to the Kingdom way, you’ll never want to go back.


On Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to worship, hear from our unique range of speakers, you’ll have time to receive a prophetic word and plus more…

Saturday Night is party night, we’ll be getting dressed up in our 80’s themed outfits and letting our hair down for the night.

Following by Sunday, which will be a retreat day, where you can take some timeout, you’ll have time to. be still and connect with Jesus.

We are so looking forward to hosting this 2020 conference for you lovely. We know that God is going to delight in you!

See you there!

SJ xx

Meet Our Speakers

Lisa Bruton

Arise Sanctuary

Lisa is the founder and director of Arise Sanctuary, an organisation that runs luxury boutique retreats for women. A qualified occupational therapist and life coach, Lisa is passionate about creating spaces for women to stop and hear God’s voice. Arise runs domestic and international retreats for women to rest and be refreshed, but most importantly to have the space to reconnect with God, to restore their hearts and reestablish their identities. A mum of two young girls, Lisa is dedicated to seeing women equipped and empowered to step out and follow their dreams.

Lisa will be running our Retreat sessions on the Sunday.

Trish G


Trish G started as a well-known boutique in Melbourne, Australia. After 12 years, with an increasing number of customers and a huge demand to launch an online styling service, she has finally turned her dream into a reality.

Trish travels around Australia and beyond speaking corporately to women and men about style and beauty, she also gives away thousands of dollars worth of garments annually.

Trish is a stand out woman who brings a different flare to the fashion world.

37 years of ministry which began with that sermon on the prodigal son

Eton Mills

Speaker (Our first male speaker eek!)

After 37 years of ministry which began with that sermon on the prodigal son, Eton is still on fire for God and following the Holy Spirit’s guidance Eton has seen thousands of people come to Christ through his evangelical gifts and movements across the nations. You can find out more about these amazing events here.

Eton is an international speaker and will be assisting you with opening your eyes and ears to the Holy Spirit so you can better understand God’s Kingdom and Supernatural Business…

Lorellee Colley

Prophetic Ministry

Lorellee runs Prophetic Activation Schools and other training seminars and loves to see people equipped, trained and released into their gifting and calling in life.

Destiny Strategies regularly take trained teams to various events, seminars, conferences, markets and psychic fairs where many searching people are given accurate words from God, (prophecy) providing a reliable alternative to the mystics.

Lorellee with her husband Phil are also passionate about Prophetically Encouraging Business People to step into the Power to create wealth for the Kingdom and see this anointing activated in Business People’s lives.  

Lorellee will be taking use through a prophetic session.


Sarah-Jane Meeson

Conference Host

SJ is founder of CWIB and loves nothing more to encourage and support women in business.  With a background in digital marketing, SJ found herself lonely int he market place and wanted to create a community where Christian’s could come talk about all things business with Jesus at the centre and so CWIB was born Feb 2017…

SJ will be your host for this conference and can’t wait to share what God has put on her heart for you xx

Unlimited Chocolate


~ These prices are for a limited time, get them before places are sold out or the cost increases ~

Early Bird ticket expires


No Accommodation

If you would like to stay for an extra day after conference for some extra you time, just let us know

Both Days

No Accommodation (Food is included)
$ 447
Per Person
  • Both Day Entry
  • Food & Drinks Included
  • Delegate Gift
  • Prophecy
  • Professional Head Shot
  • Retreat Day
  • Evening Activities & Dinner

Saturday Only

No Accommodation (Food is included)
$ 223
Per Person
  • One Full Day Entry
  • Food & Drinks Included
  • Delegate Gift
  • Prophecy
  • Professional Head Shot
  • Evening Dinner & Activities

The Conference Program will be available closer to the day xo Here is a rough guide so you can book flights ox

// Conference Schedule (ish) // 


We can’t enter the buildings until 5pm on Friday night (we’re ok to park our cars)
Super to served about 8:30 pm but Kelly Wood will organise dinner down the road.
8am Brekkie (for those who are staying)
8:30 am Doors Open
9:00 am Start
8:30 pm finish (ish) but don’t worry lots of breaks etc.
Approx 3/4 pm finish
Dinner for those staying for 3 days will be provided along with brekkie the next day.
I have put an option for a 3-night stay on the checkout so if you wanted some time to yourself after you’re more then welcome to Some women have already taken this option.
The retreat

What do our delegates think...?


We’ve designed this Conference so you can get away for the weekend and enjoy some time to yourself.  Escape to the beautiful Northern Beaches for a girls weekend and some you time…

The Collaroy Centre, Homestead Avenue, Collaroy NSW

Move Break
Heart-Felt connection

be united

Each year at CWIB we love to get together and have one big Business Social and our CWIB Community Conference is just that.

A massive business social and it doesn’t matter if you are part of our membership, everyone is part of our community and we welcome all women to take part in our conference.

it's time for you to reconnect with God in your business

business market place & sponsorship


Each year we have a Business Marketplace for businesses to come and share their amazingness to our delegates via a marker stall.  If you’d like to hire a stall for the day please purchase a Business Marketplace Pass.  If you’d like to sit in on the conference you will also need to buy a conference ticket of your choice to cover costs and food.

Your Business Marketplace pass will cover; small table and room for your banner, a flyer or something pretty in the delegate bags.


We are looking now for sponsorship in the following areas:

+ Delegate Bags (Tote Bags) + Volunteer T-shirts +

In return we are happy to pop your logo on our website, pop an add in our CWIB Digital Magazine & pop your flyer in our delegate bags. 

Please contact or call 0431 553 212 with any sponsorship interest you might have.