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Your Hour of Power


You’ve heard me talk a couple of times now about the…

Hour of Power...

What is it?

The hour of power, is a time each week I dedicate to spending time with God. It’s where all phones are put on “Do not disturb”, no emails open. Just me and Jesus.

Sometimes, I might spend an hour with Him, sometimes half a day. I see this time as important as having a board meeting each week, or a staff meeting. Only it’s just with me and God not other staff members.

In this time, I pray, sometimes cry out for help, lay and just listen to worship music, or study (not just read) but study the word of God.

This time with God is more important than any marketing we do. It’s sacred, it’s precious, and vital!

Now, I am not super religious on this, as I have weeks where I am here, there and everywhere. Some weeks you just can’t make it happen. But boy do I feel it when I don’t have it.

It does take discipline, it does take effort but once you get into the flow of it. WOW!

Throughout this Bootcamp, I am not going to tell you Bible verses to go read or spoon feed you with scripture because I have learnt that – It’s the Holy Spirit that’s going to teach you and open your eyes. It’s in these precious times that the Holy Spirit will open scriptures up as you read them.  It’s when you start translating words from the original Hebrew or Greek that prospectives will change and the Holy Spirit BLOWS YOUR MIND with things you have never seen before about God’s Kingdom and how it works! 

What the Holy Spirit is giving revelation to me on, might be different to what He wants to give you.

Also, I want you to be empowered to get into the Word of God yourself, I want you to WANT it for yourself, I want you to learn to pray for yourself.

Our faith grows SO MUCH STRONGER when we do this, when we get the revelation straight from God and He touches your heart directly.

The amazing thing I have found through having this time with God which has totally stocked me over the years now is…

+ The more you get into the Word of God, the more He reveals and there are different layers!

For example, throughout last year, I saw that Jesus was with God in the beginning (go check it out in Revelations), that Abraham knew who Jesus was! That Moses, King David, Abraham, all knew who the Holy Spirit was and the Spirit lived in them :-O (check out Davids Psalm on not taking the Holy Spirit away from him)

Like – unbelievable revelations that I have NEVER heard preached from a pulpit. AMAZING.

+ When you get on your knees and pray to God with all your heart, when you cry out to Him Abba! Yahweh! The earth shakes around you.

+ You begin to see the POWER of God and it just blows your mind!

No we are going to facilitate your first hour of power with God in the next module. I want to challenge you to open your calendar, and schedule some time each week that works for you where you get on your knees and you spend that time with Jesus. UNBELIEVABLE things will start to happen when you do!

Commit! And see what happens… I can’t wait to hear the stories!

time to schedule your "hour of power"...

No excuses for this first one, what time each week are you going to dedicate to God in your Hour of Power?

Book it in, block it out each week in your calendar and wait to see what happens.

Jesus wants to meet you, exactly where you are at today xx

Here are some little tips for when you’re studying the Word…

  1. The Holy Spirit will only unravel secrets to those who are hungry, who knock and what to know more. Are you in this place and are you hungry enough? Tell Him you are, show you are!
  2. Go grab yourself a Concordance (Strong) and an Interlinear Bible. These will help you translate words so you can see the actual meaning behind what God is saying.
  3. Don’t just read verses, read WHOLE chapters, no verse is to be read by itself in the bible.
  4. God gives prospective on things in full chapters and stories. Verses, aren’t designed to be manipulated to what we want them to say, it’s the other way around.
  5. When you read Hebrew it’s from right to left and Greek is left to right.
  6. If you get stuck with how to use them, sing out and we will show you.
  7. You don’t need to go to bible school or be great at reading, the Holy Spirit will teach you and show you, just trust ;-). (I failed English three times at school and I LOVE reading the bible and have no problem understanding it).
  8. Chuck out your Message and The Passion Translations bibles you might have, they are further from the original translation than the Egypt’s where from God when the famines came.