// Conference Schedule (ish) // 

Friday 21st Feb 2020:

We can’t enter the buildings until 5pm on Friday night (we’re ok to park our cars)
Super to served about 8:30 pm but Kelly Wood will organise dinner down the road.
Saturday 22nd Feb 2020:
8am Brekkie (for those who are staying)
8:30 am Doors Open
9:00 am Start
8:30 pm finish (ish) but don’t worry lots of breaks etc.
Sunday 23rd Feb 2020:
Approx 3/4 pm finish
Dinner for those staying for 3 days will be provided  along with brekkie the next day.
PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR TICKET TO 3 DAYS! Email hello@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au
This schedule will be updated shortly with more detail.