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The Six Week Enriched Biz Bootcamp

Module 1 starts Monday 5th October

are you ready to go to the next stage of your business with god?

Doing business as a Christian woman can sometimes feel a little daunting…

The silly fears we get in our heads like…

Am I doing the right thing by God in my business, is it ok for me to be making this money?

Am I a bad Mum for wanting to grow this business as well as have a family, even worse, what if I grow too big for my family?!

What if I get the customers and I can’t deliver or keep them? 

What if I don’t bring enough value or they figure out I don’t know everything and think I’m a fake?!

You might have lost some of your dearest friends because of your business and now you feel more alone then ever!

Sister, I get it, I have surely encountered most of these fears, too & can relate and we’re here to tell you, you’re normal and we get it!

Luckily, we have a God that’s bigger than any fear, doubt and who wants to connect on a deeper level with you in your life & in your business. 

How do I know? Because He told me! God told me that He wants to create transformations for His daughters in business so you can move forward & scale in the price and faith that He gives us as a gift to live out our lives and business in.

Introducing you to

Enriched Biz Bootcamp

A six week eCourse that's designed for Christian Women in Business who are ready to take their business to the next level with God in the centre!

We have built the Enriched Biz Bootcamp to help Christian Women in who have been in business for a few years and who are ready to take it to the next level.

We want to help you crunch down on your systems, get ready for expansion, and push you out of your comfort zone in your marketing to prepare you & your business for what God has install for you next!

God gave us a word to create a space where He could take you on a transformation in your business…

& that’s exactly what we’ve done…

This is going to be a transformational six weeks and we are here to do the journey with you!

Enrolments Close In…


Payment Plan


5 Weekly Instalments of

$290.00 AUD + GST 

One off Payment

Access for Life


$1,200.00 AUD + GST

Through the six weeks, we are going to cover the following subjects…

God At The Centre

In this section, we are going to give you practical tools & resources to draw you closer to God.  Jesus has some things He wants to share with you beautiful, we will help create the environment so you can connect.

Building Your Audience & Selling

In this module, you’re going to learn all about online marketing, building your audience and social media presence and the all important – making the sale.

This section is designed to build and compliment what you already have set up!

Prepare For Expansion

In this section, we’re going to go through the back end of your business and work out what systems we can improve and get your inbox under control so you have the time and head space to put into working on your business.

We’re going to build an efficiently running business baby!

Money Mindset

You have everything in place ready to go, now you feel the only thing that’s holding you back is your mindset towards money. In this module, we’re going to tackle any money fears you might have. Sort your assets out and get you ready to make more money in your business.

Build Your Business

Once you’re down with God, you’ve got your business ready for expansion and your cool with money. This section is all about making a plan and putting all that you’ve learnt into action.

You won’t be doing this journey alone lovely. Myself and God will be at your side!

It's your time...

but like anything in life & business – you are going to have to put the hard work in and want it enough to make the changes and commit to this Bootcamp.

Imagine feeling…


You are no longer a shy business owner afraid of putting yourself and your business out there! Instead, you’re red hot, ready to go and take on the world and help people with your mission.


To go out and get your dreams, you know there is nothing that can come between you, God, and your goals.


You get to work with your dream clients because you understand your worth and value the business God has entrusted to you.


You sat down with God, and you know where you’re going in your business. No guess work here, you’re prepared and ready to scale.


With God, after spending some much needed time together, you know who you are IN God and the authority you have in your business to make it work.


Knowing that you have practical support coming for the next six weeks to give you the steps to build your business.

Our mission is to transform you into a confident Christian Boss Lady that’s on fire for God & your business…

Enrolments close in…

Module One starts Monday 5th October


Payment Plan


5 Weekly Instalments of

$290.00 AUD + GST 

One off Payment

Access for Life


$1,200.00 AUD + GST

you’ll get access to…


Each week, over the 6 weeks we will release a new module of the Bootcamp that’s made up of lessons and topics designed to transform you in all different aspects of your business.


I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of my very own businesses so you can see what’s works to help birth juicy ideas of what you can apply to your business.


We told you there would be work involved ;-). Throughout the lessons, you’re going to have access to workbooks, worksheets, & videos that are going to challenge you and for you to put things into action straight away.


We are all in different seasons of our businesses. You don’t have to worry about missing a beat because you’ll have access to this course for as long as CWIB and myself are around.


Never miss a beat, each week I will be sending you an email to keep you on track, focused, and accountable for you to stay on track with your transformation. 


We know every lovely lady loves receiving something beautiful in the mail. We will be sending a little something your way!


You won’t be doing this on your own, you will have access to a private community of all the students in the bootcamp, to make friends and to call upon to help. 


You’ll have the chance to join in two online group coaching sessions with SJ to ask your burning questions.


We don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say, there is going to be something a little special in the first module that’s going to be a real treat xx.

Bonuses included in the course...


Get your hands on some beautiful stock images to use in your social media and business


Been building a email list and not sure what to write? You’ll get your hands on a “break the ice” email template for you to send to your email list to help get you started with building relationships with them.


Didn’t make our conference last year? No worries, you will gain access to all the replays to our CWIB 2020 Community Conference held in Sydney, Australia.

How does it work?

~ 1 ~

Sign up to hear when we launch

~ 2 ~

Once enrolments are open make your investment

~ 3 ~

We will start on Monday 28th September

~ 4 ~

You do the work and make your way through the modules

~ 5 ~

We celebrate yoour transformation and suucess!

Enrolments Now Open!


Payment Plan


5 Weekly Instalments of

$290.00 AUD + GST 

One off Payment

Access for Life


$1,200.00 AUD + GST

money back garantee

If you complete all 5 modules, do all the homework and still don’t see a transformation & results in your business I will give you all a full refund!

I believe in this bootcamp so much that I know the items we will be sharing with you work. So if you do everything we’ve asked and you still don’t see results, we will give you a straight refund.

But what if i feel like I can't afford it?

We’re going to be real with you here…

No matter what your budget, you’re only going to commit and put your money into something that you value & you’re only going to get out of something what you put in.

We had this one lady join, who too felt like she couldn’t afford it. She prayed with God, God had given peace about her joining, but her bank balance didn’t reflect that. She decided to change her mindses  She decided that, if God had given her peace about joining then He would provide the funds for it to happen and she wouldn’t have to worry about it. You know what happened? 


It’s not a matter of how much you have in the bank. Our God is so much bigger than that! In fact, He tells us not to worry about money and that He will look after our every need. If your need is to be part of an encouraging community then He will make sure you can be part of it!

Who is your facilitator...?

Hey, I'm SJ...

Automation & Online Business Extraordinaire

I have been in business & investing for seven years now and life has taught me a lot in this short time.

  1. God is ALWAYS in control and never changes.
  2. You gotta find an offer that converts to make money.
  3.  It’s perfectly ok for us to be women, to have businesses, and to make money.
I started out in the online world accidentally after getting into property development and I have been hooked since. I started creating websites, then one thing lead to another and I found Christian Women in Business in 2017.

Since then, we have influenced hundreds of thousands of women throughout the world, run a podcast with 250,000+ downloads and I now run I run The Automation Girl along side CWIB because everyone wanted to know, who I set up CWIB with all the bells and whistles.

(The Automation Girl is a service based business that helps business owners set up integrations & automations in their businesses.)

Back in March this year, God told me He wanted to me to set up a course that would take Christian Women on a transformation in their businesses. Completely different to anything we have done before in CWIB, but we’ve done it and it’s here.
I can’t wait to see what amazing stories come from this course as you take a leap of faith with God and He guides you through it.
I look forward to meeting you in our group coaching sessions.
SJ x

But is this ENRICHED biz bootcamp right for me?

You may be thinking all of this is great but is it right for me?

We encourage every women to pray about the decision and ask God if He wants you to be of created.

But be encourage we have woman from all over the world with all different types of businesses that will be taking part in the bootcamp….

Mortgage Brokers

Facebook Experts

marketing agencys

virtual assistants


Occupational Therapists

health & wellness guru’s

childcare consultants

friends forever

graphic designers

quilters & crafters

shop owners

ecommerce & web developers

event organisers

healthy mumma advocates

lovely words from our lovely ladies...

Megan Horsfall

It’s been such a privilege to be part of the CWIB journey.  Having been in the community from the very foundation of it being simply an idea to now, a live and thriving community I am so proud to call CWIB my home business hub. It’s a pleasure to do life with these amazing women.

Michelle Woszatka

Sarah-Jane’s God filled aspirations guided by the Lord brought about CWIB.  Through this community of women I have truelly been blessed. As I continue my journey in setting up my first business at the age of 52, Sarah-Jane and this wonderful community through God have relieved my fears and uncertainty in starting something new. I’ve learnt things.  I’m building new relationships and knowing it is all God focussed and God directed helps as a Christian Woman in Business strive for excellence under God. 

From CWIB I have gained encouragement, support and learnt new things in the company of wonderful Christian Women.

Louise Mathieson

Joining a like minded Christian women group in my journey’s to succeed as a Christian business women was very important to me. When I asked to join CWIB I couldn’t be more happier when I was accepted. The love, support and nuturing I have received from the CWIB has been amazing. Thank you SJ and team for your encouragement, working with my budget to allow it to work for me, and being so inclusive. Looking forward to learning and growing with you all. 

Tammy Sooveere

I love being a part of CWIB. As part of this community I have begun to realize that I’m not alone in this journey, that there are many like-minded women like me who have the call of God on their lives. CWIB provides a place for me to grow and develop my passion for God and for business with other women who have so much to share. This is the community I’ve been waiting for, praying for.

Becc Burgmann

I wanted to join CWIB as I wanted to be surrounded by a community of women who did business from a faith perspective, rather than from ‘the worlds’ perspective. I wanted to connect with like-minded women who would support me on this journey in business, constantly reminding me of my values, faith and why I’m doing this in the first place – it’s not all about me, but using the gift I’ve been blessed with the help others see Christ through me. I’ve connected with a few women already, are so grateful and can’t wait to connect with more!

Sunitha Thomas

I joined CWIB so that I could connect with wonderful, strong spiritual sisters in Christ. Having just moved to Brisbane from Adelaide, I terribly felt a vacuum, which has come down so much since I have joined CWIB. The very fact that now I am part of a bigger like minded group, who have been praying for me has been such a relief. I can already see a positive move in my life as a result of these prayers. I am sure this wonderful sisterhood will continue to be a strong pillar of support for all Christian Business Women and can only imagine the joy when I will meet them in person and get to know them more……Hip Hip Hurray to CWIB and all its beautiful members:)!

Debbie Hopper

Over the years I’ve been apart of many business groups and had many business coaches. Recently I was impressed to search out for a bible-based women in business group, who put God first and taught how to trust in him rather than hustling or pushing your business. God led me to the Christian Women in Business Group and I signed up straight away. I can’t wait to meet them all at the business retreat in February.

Sylvie Croslard

I had been following CWIB on and off for a year through its app when I joined this year, the timing was right. God affirmed that he was in charge of my business, that there was nothing he was not already knowing and addressing. Getting the journal helped me to focus specifically on the daily tasks, the longer views and strategies. There s no battle of wills here, it d be a lost battle for me anyway, and I m better off in his plan, in his power. The most valuable part of CWIB has been learning, but also the journey of reflection, the journey of letting go and resting in God and seeing him work his supernatural power in my business. I am a podcaster for God, I evangelize and pray healing prayers through podcasting. My struggles were content and pace.

Enrolments Open…

Payment Plan


5 Weekly Instalments of

$290.00 AUD + GST 

One off Payment

Access for Life


$1,200.00 AUD + GST

Got some questions? Maybe we’ve already answered them…

Once you’ve paid in full either on the payment plan or the one off option that’s it. There are no other on going fees and this is a seperate program to our main membership.

No, there are no deadlines to this course. We will release items on a weekly basis, but other then that it’s up to you to do it at your own pace.

The course will be run online via our CWIB website. The course will be a mix of videos and written content. It’s purely God focused and we will design it in a way that Jesus will lead you through the course, SJ will just be the facilitator. We will also have other experts join us on the course where needed.

You will have access to this course for as long as SJ and CWIB is around 🙂 You can come back and do it again and again and we will update the content as we go so you’ll always be up to date.

The course is designed to be general however, we will do our best to keep each type of business in mind so if you run a service based business we will give strategy example for service based. If you are eCommerce, the same thing. You can pick and choose what’s relevant to you as you make your way through it.

Yep, sure can 🙂 feel free to do it now or when it’s right for you.

At this stage there will be no live sessions, you’re more then welcome to send any questions our email if you need to hello@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au

If you have a question that’s not been answered here, please fell free to email us at hello@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au.