Business Socials

Connection + Friendship + Support

Are you looking to connect with like minded women who are here to support you in your business? Are you looking for a safe place to talk about business topics, to get prayer for you & your business and just to have a night with the girls who understand who you are and what your values are?

Our Business Socials Are A Place For You To Build Heart Felt Business Relationships With Like Minded Christian Women.

They happen the first week every month…

As part of the CWIB Sisterhood & Enriched Memberships you can come to these every month, if you’d like to join in for one night occasions we allow each lady to come to one free session and join in on the fun.

“I love the local meets-ups, they have to be one of my favourite parts of being a member of CWIB.  It felt like we were long lost sisters, and these friendships are for life.” 

It’s time for you to start feeling supported in your journey…



Online Sofa Sessions

Facilitated through Zoom


Online Sofa Sessions

Facilitated through Zoom



BRISBANE West + BRISBANE South + Townsvile 




SYDNEY North Western/The Hills + SYDNEY South West + SYDNEY sutherlandshire + Shoalhaven



Online Sofa Sessions

Facilitated through Zoom

If you’d like to join us at a Business Social for a night to see what it’s all about send an email to or fill out a Contact Form >>


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