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We’ve created CWIB as a place where you can come and feel encouraged, strengthened and untied in your business while keeping God at the centre.

Being a Christian woman in business can feel lonely sometimes, there are 1000’s of business groups out there, you might even have lots of friends, but none of them really get what it’s like to be a Christian and run a business.

Some communities don’t share the same values, friends might not understand why you don’t want to stay up late & save your money because you’re putting it into your business. Some might even question why you’ve set out on your business mission.

Either way, we’ve created CWIB to be a place where you can be free to share your Christian values, free to share your love of business and know it’s a safe place just to come, be yourself & be supported by like minded women while you build your kingdom empire.

We've created a number of wonderful resources available to you to help you feel encouraged, strengthened and united in your business...

Pick which ever suits you...

Feed some weekly goodness into your soul while you’re working away or driving around by listening our podcast show, we talk on all things God, business, money and life…

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If you love to read, take a look at our digital magazine that’s released three times a year.  It’s full to the brim with stories, practical tips and tricks to apply to your business

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If you’re looking to connect further and would love to join a movement of kingdom changers feel free to apply to become a member of CWIB and be supported in your business on a daily basis. 

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Looking for some inspiration around your office and in your quiet time with God. Check out our brand new CWIB Shop where we’ve created tools to help you keep God at the centre of your business.

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