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Are you ready to become everything that God wants you and your business to be?

God has given you a business &

He's given it to you for a reason

Lady, it's your time to be united with sisters who get that and we'd love for you to join our community.

We are a sisterhood of business owners

Who love God, who love business and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty while making a bit of profit. We are gracefully hustling our way through the business world and we would love for you to join in on the fun.

There is no mistake that you are here at this website lovely lady, we’ve been praying for you and now it’s time for you to be encouraged, strengthen and inspired.



Your investment

If you wish to pay early please contact us once you’ve filled out your application.

Standard Membership

$47.00 per/month

Credit Card or PayPal

What’s included for Standard Members?

1. Directory Profile to tell your story and promote your business
2. Access to a great community of awesome like minded business women
3. Access to the CWIB Academy where we hold online workshops and resources.
4. Accountability Partner
5. Weekly Devotionals
6 Monthly Face-To-Face and Online Meet Ups
7. All issues of Digital Magazine
8. Access to our members only business retreat

What's included for our members?


God Centred

We will make sure that you keep God at the centre of all that you do in your business.  We know he’s important to you and in our membership you don’t have to hide your faith.

Directory Profile

You’ll be given your own profile on the website that will be linked to all the awesome places you hang out and promote your business. This movement is all about strengthening you and we want to do that by sharing your story. In your profile you’ll have chance to share your journey, your tips and tricks, and share your faith with God.

Collaboration Opportunities

Don’t feel like you need to market your business alone. Each week we hold collaboration opportunities to help our members work together to build each others businesses and we’ve had some amazing testimonies from these relationships.

Your price will never go up unless you leave and come back

Yep that’s right – once you’ve joined as a member your price will never go up, unless you leave and then decide to come back (we really hope that this isn’t the case)!

Weekly Devotionals

Each week a member from our community shares a word from the bible to make sure we are all starting our week off with God at the front of our minds. Keeping you accountable to God and helping with spiritual warfare.




Get connected with like minded women where you can share your faith and business. You’ll have access to a private Community where we are all about building you up. You will be encouraged to share what you’re working on, laugh at funny photos, get prayer when you need it and fellowship.

Accountability Partners

If you feel like you need accountability to help you push forward with your business, we will be organising Accountability Partners. This will be a great way for you to build relationships and get stuff happening in your business.

Monthly Meet Ups

We love the power of the Internet, but let’s face it – nothing beats meeting up face-to-face and having a good old chinwag over tea and coffee. We will be setting up regular meet-ups both online and offline.

CWIB Academy

In our Academy we have workshops, resources and downloads for you to access whenever you like! We will cover all business aspects and of course throw God into the mix with business bible studies and more…

Who is this for?

Our movement is open to all women in business, leadership, careers and NGO’s/Not For Profits all over the world.

We believe we are all on the same mission and can all help each other build God’s kingdom.

We have members from USA, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, India and the UK.

How does it work?


Apply to become a member


We do a quick check to make sure your business lines up with our values and guidelines


You’ll be sent an email to your inbox regarding your application and if it is successful


You will be informed as soon as our next intake is open


Have fun!

And know that a portion of your membership is going towards helping Gods Kingdom grow!

Lovely words from lovely business women

Megan Horsfall

It’s been such a privilege to be part of the CWIB journey.  Having been in the community from the very foundation of it being simply an idea to now, a live and thriving community I am so proud to call CWIB my home business hub. It’s a pleasure to do life with these amazing women.

Michelle Woszatka

Sarah-Jane’s God filled aspirations guided by the Lord brought about CWIB.  Through this community of women I have truelly been blessed. As I continue my journey in setting up my first business at the age of 52, Sarah-Jane and this wonderful community through God have relieved my fears and uncertainty in starting something new. I’ve learnt things.  I’m building new relationships and knowing it is all God focussed and God directed helps as a Christian Woman in Business strive for excellence under God. 

From CWIB I have gained encouragement, support and learnt new things in the company of wonderful Christian Women.

Q + A

Why does it cost to join?

CWIB is a business; a business we want to grow and scale (not forgetting the more money we make the more we can bless the kingdom). For us to do that we need to put a cost to our movement so that we can employ staff, pay for website hosting and other business expenses that come from running a business. We have tried to make the investment affordable for all budgets.

If I want to, can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, of course. Simply get in contact with one of our Customer Service Members and ask them to cancel it for you. Please Note: Once you cancel your membership your Directory Profile will be taken down and you will be removed from the community and any other services related to CWIB Membership. If you leave and decide to return, you will then have to pay the current price of the membership.

If I sign up, do I have to have a profile or can I just be part of the community?

Yes, you can join and just be part of the community. We respect that some businesses do not want other people to know that they are Christian but would still like to have the support of a Christian Community. As long as your business and yourself line up with CWIB guidelines and values, you are welcome to join. The full cost will still apply.

Is it ok to share my faith and ask those awkward questions that I can’t ask in other communities?

We highly encourage every member to ask the awkward questions that come up being a Christian in business. We do business differently to the worldly way; no questions are off the table to do with business, God, and the world.

Will I get access to everything once I join?

Yes, once you join you’ll have access to put your information onto your Profile Page and a link to join the community. Please note that we process applications daily. If you’re in a different country to Australia, it may take longer to process your application. We will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

Why do you do intakes instead of being open all year round?

We have intakes for a number of reasons, we want to make sure we nurture all our members and by doing intakes this makes it a lot easier.  It helps form trust throughout the community.  Instead of having members that join all the time and changing the dynamics of the community we find it’s nicer to allow new members in throughout different times in the year.  Once we’ve nurtured the current members and built them up, we then share the load and current members are able to help new members <3

Grace over Grind. It's all about God.

protecting our members

Each member completes an application process.

We do a quick check to make sure that you’re not in any industry that isn’t suitable to the integrity of CWIB and to protect our members. We do not accept women from businesses in the following industries: Pyramid schemes, gambling, get-rich-quick or pharmacy/quick weight loss. We only invite business owners who share the same Christian values as us and who are open to a business filled with God.

If you become a member and try to sell your products and services against our terms and conditions you will be removed immediately from the membership.


To receive weekly inspiration, wisdom and practical business tips to help you build a God centred business…

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