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#80 CWIB Community Conference 2018 – Intro & Worship

Hey there and welcome to podcast 80! Over the next 5 weeks, you’re going to be hearing sessions from our conference in February 2018,  learning about how to connect with strangers in your business so you can be more confident dealing with customers this will be through Kerrie Phipps. You’ll

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Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to make an effort to steward my time wisely. This thought alone was like opening up the flood gates into what was a very hectic, overscheduled life… what a journey it has been. Over New Year’s, my husband and I always take

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#78 Making the Sale – Pushing Through Doubts

We’ve all been there if we’re self-employed or have a business – Making the sale! Converting the potential customer into a paying one, asking them to hand over their well-earned money from their bank account to yours. In return, you’re going to provide them something back. You might be just

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