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Doing business as a Christian woman can sometimes feel a little daunting…

The silly fears we get in our heads like… Am I doing the right thing by God in my business, is it ok for me to be making this money, am I a bad Mum for wanting to grow this business as well as have a family, even worse, what if I grow too big for my family!

What if I get the customer and I can’t deliver or keep them? What if I don’t bring enough value or they figure out I don’t know everything and think I’m a fake!

You might have lost some of your most dearest friends because of your business and now you feel more alone then ever!

Sister, we are real women here, every single one of us has probably had this fear or can relate and we’re here to tell you, you’re normal and we get it.

We have built this wonderful community for you to get connected with like minded women and to help you align your business with God.

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