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We are a community of Christian Women in Business aligning our businesses with God.

Grace over Grind. It’s all about God.

Latest Blog Posts

#17 Business Basics – What is a Business?

Join us a we share our 5 day Facebook Live Series called Business Basics.  We’ve recently launched a new workshop in our membership called Business Basics and we wanted to bless all the ladies out there who are thinking about starting a business. God put it on our Founders heart to encourage His daughters in

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#16 Building Confidence in your Business with Toni Purry

We interview Toni Purry, who is by far a very inspirational lady!  Toni has a great story to share with that shows what happens when we have courage, determination and God!  Toni shares with us how you can grow your confidence and be unstoppable in business. A little about Toni: Toni Purry is a public

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#15 The Life of a Professional Organiser with Kirsty Farrugia

We all dream of walking into our homes and everything is organised and in it’s place. For many of us this isn’t a reality, but thanks for Kirsty who is transforming many homes across Sydney.  People are being more at peace with their homes. This week SJ interviews Kirsty Farrugia from Feels Like Home Professional

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When do you walk away?

Have you ever hung on to a situation, thinking you just had to try harder, or give the benefit of the doubt for what feels like the millionth time? When you finally walked away and closed the door was there an overriding sense of relief-that came from God- that made you think ‘Why on earth did it

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What We Have Planned for CWIB and a Prayer for Your Business

In this podcast SJ our Founder gives us a quick update on all the things happening in CWIB over the next few months and blesses our listeners with a prayer for their businesses. “If you haven’t heard we are creating our very own Digital CWIB Digital Magazine… God gave me the word to go out

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