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Overcoming Self Doubt in a Godly Way with Natalie Wilson In this week’s podcast, we have Natalie Wilson who is a life coach for smart, sensitive women who want to stop wondering what’s wrong with them and start going after what God has created them for. Her biggest mission, though, is to equip women with the mental training & tools

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Who Are You Called To Show Up As In This World?

Hey there, I’m Kelly. I’m a guest blogger today on the CWIB blog. I own a Facebook management company and I love cheering people on in their pursuit of what God has called them to do. I’m also a pretty straight talker.  I try and do this last bit with

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Expecting Visitations from the Holy Spirit with Eton Mills

After 37 years of ministry which began with that sermon on the prodigal son, Eton Mills is still on fire for God and following the Holy Spirit’s guidance Eton has seen thousands of people come to Christ through his evangelical gifts and movements across the nations. Eton Mills is an international speaker and

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Trusting God in the Rain

One of our work vehicles got stolen, we lost one of the sales reps and we were about to leave the country for a 5 week holiday…and just in time for Christmas, which is the busiest seasons before it all slows down between January and April… only to return to

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Setting A Defined Vision for Your Business with God with Nancy Mensah In this week’s podcast, we are blessed to have in the show, Nancy Mensah (Triumphant Woman), an award-winning business strategist, successful entrepreneur, and international speaker. She provides personalized, strategic consulting solutions for startups and existing businesses. She believes in working hard and smart and to ALWAYS make a positive

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