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God will Prune Your Business and Life in Different Seasons Our Business Socials are happening next week and the Topic for October is Systems!!!! My fave thing! The question is – What’s been the most useless system in your business and why? You’ll also be glad to know that our Membership Intakes are open next week so if you’re

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God is the Master-Key

Jesus in his preaching told the people to ‘love your enemies and pray for those who attack you…’ Matthew 5. Reputation and good standing are very important in our business [and in life] yet there are times in the course of business where we face untruths or comments about our business

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Knowing Your Worth in Business as a Christian Woman Knowing your worth in Business as a Christian woman can be a very tricky thing, somehow a lot of us seem to have this idea that because we’re Christian that we need to do things cheaply because we feel we’re not worth the money or we feel guilty because

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5 Top Tips To Manage Your Time Better in Your Business Going with this month’s theme of Time Management, today, I want to share with you my 5 top tips for how I manage my time. 1. Always write the next days list and the day on each day. This should be a list of important things that will go

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Rest in the Lord

What does it mean to rest in the Lord? When I had a word from God recently to “Rest and all will be well”, I felt it was a three part instruction. To rest in God – mind, body and spirit. While this might sound easy and straight forward, I

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