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Community & Directory for Christian Women in Business

We are a community of Christian Women in Business aligning our businesses with God.

Grace over Grind. It’s all about God.

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#10 Changing Lives Through A Colouring Book

Joy Spreader | Digital Evangelist | Hand-Letterer | Doodler | Graphic Designer | Artist | Author | Speaker | Creative Blogger | Lover of The Word | Administer of God’s Grace   JoDitt’s passion is the Word and once paired with her flare for design has taken her places she never thought possible. It has

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Why is Building a Loyal Community Important as an Entrepreneur?

To comprehend why building a community is important as an entrepreneur, one must understand what a community is and its benefits. A community is a combination of individuals that have banded together to offer support, guidance, inspiration, motivation and a safe place to create and cultivate a life and business that they’ll adore. As entrepreneurs,

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#9 – Ways to Focus and be More Productive with Sharryn Ludlow

This week on our podcast show we introduce one of our Foundation Members, Sharryn Ludlow. About Sharryn For over two decades Sharryn has been dedicated to helping others dream, change and grow. She is a strong advocate of faith and the development of individual potential and success. Which is why she has founded GraceAndConfidence.com. She believes it is

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Our April Lady of the Month is one of our Foundation Members, Carmel Austin. Here’s her story: I had a dream to help Orphans and Widows around the World and in 2010 God took me on an adventure to Israel with a Word in my heart that I would learn to prayer and bring back

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#8 – Building God in Your Life with Stacey McBride Wilson

It is a brand new week again so welcome to this week’s Christian Women in Business Podcast Show. We are all about sharing amazing stories with the world hoping to inspire and encourage not only the women that we interview but you the listener to not be afraid and go and chase your God given dream.

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#7 – Embracing Your Business Journey with Kayla Brissi

This week we have another exciting podcast with one of Christian Women in Business’ Foundation member, Kayla Brissi. Kayla is a wife, Mom and a business coach for Fearless Entrepreneurial Women. Her approach is infused by her passion for spreading empowerment to women so that they truly can have it all by keeping their priorities in

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