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We are a community of Christian Women in Business aligning our businesses with God.

Grace over Grind. It’s all about God.

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#6 – Encourage Rest with Annette Hurn

CWIB News: We are currently in the middle of our first intake since the foundation membership that opened up in Feb. If you would like to become a member of CWIB we encourage you to get your applications in as soon as possible so we can process them and get you into the community before

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#5 – Business is an Adventure with Chloe Somerfield

Ever wonder what it looks like to go on God’s adventure instead of your own? Chloe, like many of us had grand dreams and wanted to do everything all at the same time – until God gave her a gentle nudge to make her see what His plan was for her. She shares with us how

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3 Things I Learned From The Kingdom Business Summit

The KBS is hosted by Wez Hone from Business Green House and can I just say is THE best free business summit you’ll ever go to! It’s a 2 day summit that consists of God, practical business tips and a chance to meet other Christian entrepreneurs and business owners. They are held in Sydney, Goldcoast,

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Question and Answer with our March Lady of The Month

For the month of March, our Lady of The Month was Tammy Sooveere.  We’ve asked Tammy some questions to share her wisdom and advice. Here is a little bit about Tammy: I’m a mum of three and a wife to one. I’ve always had a passion for good health (back before it was cool or

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#4 How God Had Other Plans with Elise Hodge

Want to know how to build your Instagram following… Elise didn’t realize what God was setting her up for when she started She is Light on Instagram. Now Elise has now over 24k of followers on her She is Light Insta feed and is taking over the world with being an expert in the field.

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Your Business Is Your Mission Field

Do you see your business as your mission field? I’ve had a few people through the years tell me that as a Christian who is an author, management consultant, speaker and University Adjunct Lecturer; those are just jobs for an income and nothing more. They are irrelevant. To serve God I really need to do

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