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#78 Making the Sale – Pushing Through Doubts

We’ve all been there if we’re self-employed or have a business – Making the sale! Converting the potential customer into a paying one, asking them to hand over their well-earned money from their bank account to yours. In return, you’re going to provide them something back. You might be just

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Start To Do Things Differently

I’VE LOST COUNT OF PAYING FOR A PROGRAM OR CONFERENCE AND THEN NOT DOING IT! For the past three weekends, I have been at conferences. First at Gold Coast with Eric Worre, second in Melbourne at Business in Heels, and Adelaide for the Media and Screenmakers conference. All of them

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#77 Your Godly Mission Matters

There are days in our businesses where we can get to a point of thinking, why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself and my family through this and surely there is an easier way to make money? I love my business, but we’re not friends today.  Let me

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#76 The Healthy Happy Soul

Stacey McBride Wilson from The Healthy Happy Soul is a Founding Member of CWIB.  We had this young woman on the show probably about a year ago now, sharing with us her amazing testimony about how God has worked through your life in the health and wellness scene. Stacey has

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Your Prayers Are Not Wasted

Prayer. One of the most powerful elements of faith and yet also the area where so many give up. It is more than words and significantly more than something you ‘have’ to do.  It has the power to change nations, to turn lives around and to unleash miracles. It can

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