terms & conditions

  • Terms and conditions of using the Christian Women in Business Directory, Community & Academy.

Statement Of Faith:

We are a none denominational Christian organisation. We believe in the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.

We believe the only way to seek eternal life in heaven and have a relationship with God is through the Lord Jesus Christ and by accepting him as our saviour.

John 14:6 ESV  Matthew 28:19 ESV

Application Process and our Values:

To make sure we keep our community and directory Holy and one that’s worth joining we review every application to join.

We do a check to make sure that you’re not in any industry that isn’t suitable to the integrity of CWIB and to protect our members. We do not accept women from businesses in the following industries: Pyramid schemes, gambling, get-rich-quick or pharmacy/quick weight loss. We also don’t allow any NLP coaches, yoga instructors, card readers or anyone or any business that we see is part of the new age.

We only invite business owners who share the same Christian values as us and who are open to a business filled with God and the Holy Spirit.

If you become a member and try to sell your products and services against our terms and conditions or if you become involved in any new age you will be asked to leave immediately from the membership.

We have the right to decline any person we believe doesn’t fit into our community.

Membership Admin & Payments:

Freedom Membership… Everything in the Enriched Subscription plus…


  • You’ll take part in a 1 hour,  1-1 Zoom Session with SJ, where you can ask her any questions you like to pick her brain about business, strategy, marketing etc.

  • Our mentoring sessions are to help businesses grow in their relationship with God and a chance to pick SJ’s brain regarding business, digital marketing, automations, etc. We cannot guarantee that you will make money with what we advise, it is up the client to decide what is best for their business, contact professionals, and implement what we have suggested.


  • This includes full access to both days at our conference & Twin Shared Accommodation. *Monthly Investment you will only get access to 1 conference & will need to pay this up front but you will get the Member Extra Early Bird Special Pricing, after this you will need to purchase conference tickets for the years after. *Annual Investment you’ll get 30% off the Membership. You’ll be able to attend the conference each year.

YOU ARE FREE TO CHANGE MEMBERSHIP LEVELS WHENEVER YOU WISH. Just email support@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au and we can swop you over.

Cancelling Your Membership…

  • You have the option to put your membership on hold for 3 months to hold the current price if you need to take a break for any reason. This will result in you being taken out of the FB Community & if you’re a Freedom Member as soon as you put your membership on hold your mentoring sessions will cease also.
  • If you need to cancel membership please fill out a contact form and our customer support will help you or you can stop your membership through your profile on the website. You can cancel your membership at any time. No refunds will be given if payment has come out and you failed to contact us at support@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au.
  • You current profile will be permanently deleted so please make sure you get all the relevant info from it before you cancel your membership.
  • When you want to re-join you will need to pay the current rate of membership whatever that is at that time.
  • We don’t offer refunds on any payment plan. We do not offer refunds for any conference payments. You pay transfer your ticket to another person up to 14 days before the conference.
  • If your subscription fails payments 3 times and is not paid within a month your memberships will be cancelled.

Some Dos To Get The Most Value…

  • Join in the discussion and share with other members in the private FB Community.
  • Watch the training videos (they are based around what people need in the discussions and we will email you updates when there are changes to the membership, so stay on the client email list).
  • If you get stuck or need help please contact us and we will gladly help you.
  • Upload a picture [without advertisements] to personalise and help others learn about you.
  • Always respect other people. Bad behaviour is not welcome here. We reserve the right to moderate anything at any time.
  • Anything you upload on any CWIB Sites or resources including posts or attachments will probably stay here forever. So if you share stuff make sure you are happy with it being here.
  • Use your own best judgment. I don’t endorse the advice of members and you need to take your own situation into account when acting on anything mentioned in CWIB. Business requires the advice of legal and accounting professionals. Make sure you see both when making business-related decisions.
  • Christian Women in Business has the right to reproduce and use any devotionals, information given, copy or materials added to the community and The Members Hub through the Membership, eCommerce & any online shop.

Side note: this Academy used to be called Empowering Her Business so if you see that mentioned – it was the same place as you are at right now on Christian Women in Business…


We cannot guarantee click-through rates to your website and links to other business pages.  We have tried our best to set up the SEO for CWIB website and by doing so this should help google find your business name.

It is your responsibility to make sure your profile is up-to-date at all times.

Important legal stuff:

Legal rights of the content added to this site by its members or visitors belong to Site administration when they are submitted to the site unless it is clearly mentioned otherwise in the content that is submitted. Site visitors/members can not ask the submitted content to be removed or unpublished from the site later nor can they ask for the content ownership to be changed once the content has been submitted.

User agrees to indemnify and hold Sarah-Jane Meeson and Christian Women in Business and its servants harmless from any loss, liability, claims, damages and expenses, including legal fees, arising from or related to the content, use, or deletion of User’s Files, messages or use of any other feature or service in this site. This expressly includes:

  • User’s responsibility for any and all liability arising from the violation or infringement of proprietary rights or copyrights
  • Any defamatory or unlawful material contained within User’s messages, private messages, emails, attachments, images and file
  • Content submitted to the site by the user
  • Other content in the site
  • Communication with site administration
  • At our conferences and events we will take photos and videos and use them to reproduce for marketing and resources in the business.

If you do not agree to this you should not be a part of the CWIB membership

CWIB Directory profile must meet the following standards before we will place it on the website:

  • Have a head shot picture of the membership owner, no advertisements or logos
  • All stories and any other text must be proofread before publishing
  • All stories and text to be authentic and true

If your business is seen as a gambling or adult site unfortunately the community and directory is not for you. If you promote any of the above your membership will terminate immediately.

To hold the integrity of this community we will not be allowing pyramid schemes, marketing, get-rich-quick schemes or weight loss/fad diets.

We want to support women on all levels of business but anyone who signs up and promotes any products or services directly in the directory, community or Academy will be asked to leave immediately and your membership will be cancelled.

Our Screening:

Each person that becomes a member of the CWIB will go through a quick screening. If you are found to be a male or if any member does not up hold to our values and T&C’s for the membership will be refunded and removed immediately.

If you create a membership through the registration page and do not make payment within 24 hours, you profile will be deleted along with the content you put in there.

All content, pictures, workshop, business bundles, videos, podcast, memberships, local meet ups are copyright to Christian Women in Business.  Anyone found copying or re-producing our content without our permission will be removed from the membership.

Conference, Retreats & events:

If you have purchased a ticket to one of our events you are giving us permission to take your photo/video’s unless you tell us otherwise via email or in writing. We have the right to use these photos and videos as we see fit for promotional use on our website and social media.

There are no refunds available for conference tickets, however, you can gift someone your ticket up to 14 days before conference date, just let us know and we can change the name.

CWIB is not responsible for any natural disasters or causes that may result in cancelling the conference.

You take your own rick by completing any of the activities involved in the conference and CWIB is not responsible for any injuries, serious injuries or death.

We are not held responsible for any prophetic words that are spoken or given at any of our events. If you have a word given to you, it is up to the individual to take it to their church or pastoral leader to seek advice.

Any advise given for business is to be used at the delegates wishes, we cannot guarantee any profit or extra sales will happen as a result of what’s shared at our conference. Please seek advice from professionals with ideas you receive from any event.

Business Socials…

Our Business Socials are ran by volunteers out of their own time and effort. We ask that you respect the time put into the Business Socials by the volunteers, if you have said you’re going please go, we find it disrespectful if members don’t commit. 

We will only start a Business Social in an area if there are 4 or more members in that area. Leaders are to not charge extra for the Business Social. Business Socials are available for every member. Each non-member are allowed to come to one free Business Social, if they wish to join in on another they will need to buy at least a Sisterhood membership.