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Exploring Time Management in a Godly Way with Alexandra Kaval In this week’s podcast, we have Alexandra Kaval as guest.  She introduces herself as a daughter of the high king and a certified professional life coach. As a Christian life coach, she empowers Christian women (just like you!) to live their purpose, while more fully loving God, themselves, & others. Outside of my

This Beautiful Gift Called Love

I’m thankful for today, for this beautiful gift called life.  This week I’ve learned just how precious this gift is and how important it is to appreciate the little things. The passing of a colleague helped me once again put into perspective this abundant blessing we have.  Over the past few years God has

Managing Motherhood, Business, Life & Faith with Cyndi Walter Cyndi Walter is a stay-at-home mom from a rural area in Amish Country USA. She lives with her husband and they have 4 awesome children. She has built a dynamic organization and has created so many leaders. As a marathon runner and fitness instructor, Cyndi has always been passionate about fitness and working

How To Organise Your Emails and Digital Storage for Investments & Business In this week’s podcast, SJ shares and shows us how she organises the many things she loves to do.  The system she shares can be applied to any area of our lives, be it business or personal.  Have a watch and learn from the expert♥ Sign up to the form below to access

‘Sister, Are You Struggling? Know This’

I’ve rarely shared my testimony… I’ve experienced a truly miraculous healing from an incurable disease, yet why don’t I shout it from the mountaintops? Firstly, I guess because most people (including my doctors and husband) don’t believe in miracles, don’t really believe me and think it’s just ‘good luck’ the disease is gone …

How To Gain More Time Back in Your Life & Business For the past weeks, we talked about Systems. Learning about this means we can have more time that we nend to focus on because we have great systems in place. Now, wow do we get time back?  SJ shares 5 ways! 1. Record your time and what you’re doing with it, see where

God will Prune Your Business and Life in Different Seasons Our Business Socials are happening next week and the Topic for October is Systems!!!! My fave thing! The question is – What’s been the most useless system in your business and why? You’ll also be glad to know that our Membership Intakes are open next week so if you’re thinking about becoming a

God is the Master-Key

Jesus in his preaching told the people to ‘love your enemies and pray for those who attack you…’ Matthew 5. Reputation and good standing are very important in our business [and in life] yet there are times in the course of business where we face untruths or comments about our business that make a significant

Knowing Your Worth in Business as a Christian Woman Knowing your worth in Business as a Christian woman can be a very tricky thing, somehow a lot of us seem to have this idea that because we’re Christian that we need to do things cheaply because we feel we’re not worth the money or we feel guilty because we are Christian that

5 Top Tips To Manage Your Time Better in Your Business Going with this month’s theme of Time Management, today, I want to share with you my 5 top tips for how I manage my time. 1. Always write the next days list and the day on each day. This should be a list of important things that will go towards working on your

Rest in the Lord

What does it mean to rest in the Lord? When I had a word from God recently to “Rest and all will be well”, I felt it was a three part instruction. To rest in God – mind, body and spirit. While this might sound easy and straight forward, I began to ponder on

3 Ways To Beat Procrastination Do you struggle with doing things in your business because you put them off? Maybe you leave things until the last minute to get them done? Maybe you find your time is the hardest thing to manage? We are moving into September and the topic for September is Time Management and the questions

Gain God’s Wisdom & Discernment in Your Business Having God’s wisdom and knowledge isn’t as hard to gain as what we think it is. We will never be as wise or have a full understanding as God, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from Him or that He won’t help us navigate life and business. I want to start with

What’s Up Down Under – iWork4Him Podcast with SJ Meeson

For this episode, our very own, lovely SJ Meeson was guested in the iWork4Him podcast show a few months back.   The Mission of iWork4Him is to transform the workplace of every Christian into a mission field. iWork4Him broadcasts weekdays to share testimonies, hear from authors and speakers and tackle topics to encourage you to look at your workplace

How To Allow God To Be The Centre Of Your Business Do you long to allow God to be at the centre of your business? Do you have dreams of serving Him with your vision and mission? Do you crave to have that solid relationship with God? People ask me, how do I physically make God the centre of my business and life and

Opening Up to God’s Power in Your Business Have you ever heard people speaking about God’s awesome power and how amazing things have happened in the market place where God has used people to do awesome things in His name? Maybe you long to see those things happen yourself and want to learn how to open up God’s power and how

Favor Follows Obedience and Alignment (Conversation with SJ Meeson)

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur ‘s mission is to inspire, teach, and mentor entrepreneurs who desire to be led by God in their business, so they can experience His best and have a greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace. Their vision is to see individuals, families, cities, and industries radically transformed for God’s glory. We envision a community of thriving entrepreneurs with businesses that

God’s Supernatural Power in Business Business Socials are happening next week across Australia and for our rural and overseas members, we have our The Sofa Session coming to you, too. The topic of August is God and the question is “What are some of the God moments you’ve had in your business this year?” Moments that have made

What About the Winter Moments of Business Life?

Most of us are physically in the depths of winter right now and sometimes our business life can be the same. What happens when our business feels dormant? We live in a world that tells you if you aren’t kicking major goals, that the exercise is fruitless. What if dormant was ok? What if

The Balance Between Focusing on Business & Focusing on Christian Walk Do you ever feel like you need to separate your faith and business? Maybe you’ve never combined God and Business before? Maybe you’re not sure if you should combined faith and business? A couple of weeks ago, we finished our 6 Week Bible Study Challenge and one of the topics that someone put

Anchored as a Daughter of the Risen King

Have you ever experienced well meaning people tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your life, or in your business, in your ministry or raising your kids? I hear it all the time, about different areas of my life, coming from different places – the pulpit, church leadership, church family, friends,

Keeping Faith When Things Get Tough I have a question for you today and that’s – Do you have times where you might wake up in bed and think that you actually can’t face today or that things are just really tough in your business and in home life and you’re just not sure where to go or what

Organising Budgets & Forecasting for your Business in a Godly Way Do you have budgets in your business? Do you forecast budgets for your business? If so, how do you do them? I’m SJ and this month’s topic in our Membership is Planning, and the question is, How do you organise your budgets & how do you forecast for your business? Some great questions

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