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Anchored as a Daughter of the Risen King

Have you ever experienced well meaning people tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your life, or in your business, in your ministry or raising your kids? I hear it all the time, about different areas of my life, coming from different places – the pulpit, church leadership, church family, friends,

Keeping Faith When Things Get Tough I have a question for you today and that’s – Do you have times where you might wake up in bed and think that you actually can’t face today or that things are just really tough in your business and in home life and you’re just not sure where to go or what

Organising Budgets & Forecasting for your Business in a Godly Way Do you have budgets in your business? Do you forecast budgets for your business? If so, how do you do them? I’m SJ and this month’s topic in our Membership is Planning, and the question is, How do you organise your budgets & how do you forecast for your business? Some great questions

Are You Willing To Be Everything That God Wants You And Your Business To Be?

I’m so excited because this week our membership intakes are open!!! If you’re a passionate woman who owns a business or your maybe you’re in leadership or work in a business this community of like-minded women is for you!  One of the most valuable things our members have told us that they love about their

Changing the World…One Sip at a Time

While changing the world sounds like an overwhelming and almost impossible task, the Samaritan woman at the well did just that and brought so many to the Christian faith that she is described as “equal to the apostles”, according to scholars. I dare to believe that one of the two happened for most of

How to Know What to Automate in Your Business

In this episode SJ takes us through how to know what to automate in your business. SJ takes us through a number of different questions and things to look at in our businesses to help get us started. Want to know where to start? Take out the episode! Transcript: When you book in for

No Problem is Too Big for God in Your Business

In this week’s podcast, we are privileged to have the second Male to grace our show – Grant Smith, a quantity surveyor who has worked with international construction companies and managed his own consultancy practice in the UK for over thirty years.   He is also the author of the book, The Accidental Social Entrepreneur.

Where Do You Run When You Feel Like The Wheels Are Falling Off?

Today I’m sad-mad. I have projected my mad onto many poor souls and objects… My husband. My children. My computer. My vegetables. Myself and God. But I’m mostly mad at me with the close runner-up being God… and that makes me sad. For some reason, my Wonder Woman is not working right now. The

Learning to Rely on God as Your Provider in Business

Welcome to the Christian Women in Business Podcast Show today.  SJ would like to talk to you about focusing on the numbers over focusing on God. This is a very interesting topic. It’s very controversial. But maybe you can relate to this. Maybe you’ve got to do this yourself.   I guess a good name

Dealing with Growing Pains as You Grow in Your Business

In this week’s podcast, SJ shares how she deals with growing pains in her life and business. The process of growing especially in the kingdom business is difficult, however SJ encourages us to never give up and to believe that God is always in control.  Have a listen and be blessed!♥ Are you ready

Learning to Follow Directions

As a former boxer, I understand the consequences of not listening to my coach’s directions. He was the boxing equivalent of God. During our quiet moments between rounds, I sat silently and caught my breath while he gave me directions.  “Keep moving, watch out for her right hook, keep your guard up – slip

Praying for Guidance Over Our Finances

Fran McKay is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and guide to faith-based financial life planning. Her mission is to educate and empower Christians to make better and more informed financial decisions so they can honor God with their financial stewardship, protect their family, create a life they love and leave a legacy that lasts.  Her 5 top

Feeling Worn Out and Weary?

Do you sometimes feel that each day is a bit of a struggle, an uphill battle?  That you’re just hanging in there, putting one foot in front of the other and praying for the best? I felt this way, especially in my business, for a good 18 months.  In my mind, I kept seeing

Being Obedient to God in our Leadership

In this week’s podcast, SJ takes us straight from her heart to encourage leaders to be obedient and faithful to God. As leaders, we sometimes need to make difficult decisions, SJ shares how to overcome the hurdles in a godly way. Have a listen and be inspired. “Leaders are called to faithfulness more then they are

How To Save Yourself From Feeling Overwhelmed & Overloaded We had a new member of our community ask if any one at times feels totally overwhelmed with everything they have to do in their businesses? The feeling of a constant battle of getting stuff down. We seem to think that we all have to be the Proverbs 31 women… This is part

When God’s Grace Finds Its Way

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8 I have loved this passage of scripture for as long as I can remember. Its words resonate with us today,

How To Rest in God In Your Business – Live Q&A with SJ

It is Live Q & A with SJ once again.  Join us as SJ shares her inspiring answers to business questions. Question 1 – One of our most popular questions is – Do you have a Business Social in my area? Unless you see your location on our events page on FB or the

Social Media Management

In this week’s podcast show, we have the social media coach and strategist, Rachael Wilcox.  She’s also a nutritionist and loves food. She’s passionate about equipping and empowering small business owners to use social media to increase their influence and effectiveness.  Rachael is an experienced social media manager and strategist that specialises in Facebook and Instagram. Her

6 Reasons Why Desire Is Important

It all starts with a desire. A desire for more, a desire for purpose, a desire to live an abundant life. A desire to be great and significant. A desire to do what you were born to do. A desire to do that thing that you can’t stop thinking about.  You can’t achieve your

Working with Excellence in Your Business

This week we are open for intakes, we would love to invite you to become a member of CWIB! And today (8th April), we are starting our ‘6 Week Bible Study Challenge’ in our Community and we would love to invite you to join us :-). You can sign up just for one, two or three

How To Find Viral Content For Facebook

Do you struggle with finding compelling content to share on your Facebook Business Page? If you do, you’re not alone! Facebook seems to be the number one platform that most business owners use as part of their marketing strategy, and it’s the one social media platform that I receive the most questions about. Yes,

5 Ways To Actively Involve God In Your Business

Welcome to podcast 107 of the Christian Women in Business podcast show. Today, I want to go through some practical ways you can involve God in your business. Before we get into the meat, I want to invite you to something. If you didn’t already know we are building a movement of Christian business

Self-Care Starts With Our Thoughts

Our thought processes and what we are thinking shapes not only how we treat others around us, but also how we treat ourselves. One of my favourite scriptures is Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent

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