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#70 Making Your Glitter in Business with Janelle Langford

In this podcast, Janelle Langford, the author of the book, How To Make Glitter, shares her story. She says, God does not waste any part of us. We are all a culmination of every experience that we have every had. Janelle’s 5 tips on her craft: Put God at the helm – Put Him

#69 How To Breathe Life Into Your Business

This podcast is all about the power of the tongue. We underestimate how words affect our lives. How is this relevant to our businesses? God’s word brings life.  How can we align ourselves with God so we can be the example of Jesus the best way we can? How can we be the breath

#68 Affiliate Marketing and Blogging for Jesus

In this podcast, we interview Molly Stillman from Still Being Molly. Still being Molly is an affiliate and blog website all about ethical fashion, stopping sex trafficking and much much more. Molly hosts her own podcast Business with Purpose. 5 Tips on your craft to someone who’s thinking about starting the same business as you: Don’t get into it into the

Where is God in the Stretch?

There are times in our life and in our business where ends simply don’t meet. When the budget is spread so thinly you wonder how far you can really drive on an empty fuel tank. And your time –  you barely lay your head on the pillow before the alarm is screaming at you

#67 Shining Our Light Through Our Businesses in a Fallen World

How do we deal with homosexuality being Christians in our business? SJ shares some powerful points that will help empower you as business owners to make your own decisions about what you are okay with. God has created each person differently. He has created businesses differently. He has created His whole plan in such

#66 Being Vulnerable to God in your Business

In this podcast, Sharon Hearty joins us all the way from Ireland to share with us her story of being vulnerable with God throughout our businesses so we can tap into the Holy Spirit in our businesses and go on to do amazing things with God and for His kingdom. 5 Tips for communicating

#65 God’s Unfailing Wisdom For Your Business

This week,  Kaye shares God’s faithfulness and goodness in her business.  She shares her journey and how it was all God’s wisdom for her from the beginning. Learn a few tips from her and from SJ that we can all apply in our own businesses. Five Business Tips:  1. Ask God’s unfailing wisdom –

#64 How To Hear God   How To Hear God – When Was The Last Time You Did Something That Scared You That Wasn’t Related To Your Business? Let me take you on a journey of sacrifice and feeling scared. Please help us get this word out and share this video . We invite you to join the 6-Week Bible

#63 Why is it important for christian women in business to get into God’s word? A funny story <3  Please help me share the love and share this with your friends xx   In this video, I share with you a funny story about our podcasts, why we’ve been dealing with Spiritual Warfare and Business. Why in our next few podcasts we’re going to be dealing with the awkward conversation

#62 When is it Ok to Give Out Free Services?

One of the questions we get asked a lot in CWIB is, when is it ok to start charging or giving out free services?  I think that it’s important that we talk about this topic because so many women struggle to charge for their services and products. Unless you have money coming in, you

Are You Being True to You

Are You Being True to You?

I think the first thing about marketing is to do what you feel is authentic. Even if it does not match anyone else. And even if you are basically using your business on line because it is global-it is still important to do some things off line as well. What does that mean for

#61 Created for This

This week, SJ and Danielle discuss how God has led them to their current businesses.  Danielle also shares 5 tips on how to get started and how to incorporate God into the business. Here are some notes: 5 Tips on your craft to someone whose thinking about starting the same business as you: 1

#60 How to Recover from Spiritual Warfare

This week, SJ talks about how to recover from spiritual warfare following on from our previous podcast were we talk about Spiritual Warfare in your business. Take a read of her notes: Ok so last week I spoke on Spiritual Warfare on your business, how to recognize it and how it might be effecting you. 

#59 Spiritual Warfare and Business

A particular subject that’s been on my heart for the past couple of months is Spiritual Warfare and how it affects businesses, especially with the way the world is going it’s putting Christian’s under pressure to whether they pick love or truth in certain situations. In this podcast, I share what Paul teaches us

#57 Why Business Mum Taryn Joined Christian Women in Business

 Taryn shares her story of how she was looking for her purpose beyond being a Mum and now she’s found it. Maybe you’re feeling far away from God and wanting to draw closer to Him in your life and business. Our Christian Women in Membership will help you draw closer to God and

#56 Struggling Christian Mum to Confident Business Women

Sometimes life can be hard when you feel like you don’t fit in. Emily felt alone and lost being a Mum of two and running a full-time business with her husband. Here Em’s story of how becoming a member of CWIB Changed all that… Are you ready to join a community like no other?

Brand New CWIB Membership Packages

We’re excited to announce that we have now added different membership levels to our membership. Aligning with our vision and mission to Encourage + Strengthen + Unite women from all over the world we want to make sure it’s accessible for all different women with different budgets and needs. We want to make sure

How to Download Your Facebook Live Video

How to Download Your Facebook Live Video

We’ve all seen marketers and people use FB Live and share content with their audiences. What happens when we you’ve recorded the video? Do you just leave it to sit in the land of your FB page only for it to never be seen again or do you make the most out of the

finding your inner fire for your business

#55 Finding Your Inner Fire For Your Business

On today’s podcast is Jan Morris — a prophet poem written and kids author. Jan is originally from the UK! She has ran her business for over a decade and has a background in sales. Jan is featured in our brand new Beloved Business Devotional and takes us through the poem and beautiful words

Good Friday, What Jesus Did and Women of the Bible

SJ our Founder takes you through Mark 15 and how it’s so important that you’re a woman in business, Jesus loves you so much and has given you your business for a reason. Don’t feel that you’re too weak or don’t have it in you to run your business because Jesus know’s how precious

how to price your products and services to sell

How to Price Your Products and Services to Sell

You’re an entrepreneur, and you have stuff to sell but how do you competitively price your products and services to sell and hit your sales goals each month? Trust me; I get it. Pricing your products and services can be extremely confusing; especially when you think that you’re competing for some of the same

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