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#9 – Ways to Focus and be More Productive with Sharryn Ludlow

This week on our podcast show we introduce one of our Foundation Members, Sharryn Ludlow. About Sharryn For over two decades Sharryn has been dedicated to helping others dream, change and grow. She is a strong advocate of faith and the development of individual potential and success. Which is why she has founded She believes it


Our April Lady of the Month is one of our Foundation Members, Carmel Austin. Here’s her story: I had a dream to help Orphans and Widows around the World and in 2010 God took me on an adventure to Israel with a Word in my heart that I would learn to prayer and bring

#8 – Building God in Your Life with Stacey McBride Wilson

It is a brand new week again so welcome to this week’s Christian Women in Business Podcast Show. We are all about sharing amazing stories with the world hoping to inspire and encourage not only the women that we interview but you the listener to not be afraid and go and chase your God given

#7 – Embracing Your Business Journey with Kayla Brissi

  This week we have another exciting podcast with one of Christian Women in Business’ Foundation member, Kayla Brissi. Kayla is a wife, Mom and a business coach for Fearless Entrepreneurial Women. Her approach is infused by her passion for spreading empowerment to women so that they truly can have it all by keeping their

#6 – Encourage Rest with Annette Hurn

CWIB News: We are currently in the middle of our first intake since the foundation membership that opened up in Feb. If you would like to become a member of CWIB we encourage you to get your applications in as soon as possible so we can process them and get you into the community

#5 – Business is an Adventure with Chloe Somerfield

Ever wonder what it looks like to go on God’s adventure instead of your own? Chloe, like many of us had grand dreams and wanted to do everything all at the same time – until God gave her a gentle nudge to make her see what His plan was for her. She shares with us

3 Things I Learned From The Kingdom Business Summit

The KBS is hosted by Wez Hone from Business Green House and can I just say is THE best free business summit you’ll ever go to! It’s a 2 day summit that consists of God, practical business tips and a chance to meet other Christian entrepreneurs and business owners. They are held in Sydney,

Question and Answer with our March Lady of The Month

For the month of March, our Lady of The Month was Tammy Sooveere.  We’ve asked Tammy some questions to share her wisdom and advice. Here is a little bit about Tammy: I’m a mum of three and a wife to one. I’ve always had a passion for good health (back before it was cool

#4 How God Had Other Plans with Elise Hodge

Want to know how to build your Instagram following… Elise didn’t realize what God was setting her up for when she started She is Light on Instagram. Now Elise has now over 24k of followers on her She is Light Insta feed and is taking over the world with being an expert in the

Your Business Is Your Mission Field

Do you see your business as your mission field? I’ve had a few people through the years tell me that as a Christian who is an author, management consultant, speaker and University Adjunct Lecturer; those are just jobs for an income and nothing more. They are irrelevant. To serve God I really need to

#3 – Getting Raw with Bek

Ever wondered what it’s like to run a business built on grace and God’s favour? Check in to this week’s podcast where SJ interviews Rebekah Stratchan. I’m the founder, creator, and ideas-factory of Raw by Bek, a series of group fitness classes designed to shred fat, build muscle, and change body composition, fast! What

Money, Faith and Our Purpose in Business

In the book ‘Thou Shalt Prosper’ by Daniel Lapin, he shares the ethical and moral value of making money in business. Where we serve and offer our skills or products for the betterment of other human beings. He addresses the subtle negativity in society against businesses that make a lot of money. And shows

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Let me encourage you today to be fruitful and multiply. What an awesome thing it is to be and feel productive. I believe that we cannot move ahead in creating more money unless we understand that it’s okay to do so and we are blessed to be a blessing. We can be fruitful and multiply. One of the

#2 – Using Bold Grace for Huge Impact

Ever wondered what it’s like to run a business built on grace and God’s favour? Check in to this week’s podcast where SJ interviews Kristin and Rebecca from Relevant Entrepreneur. From calling to profit. Kristen and Rebecca are equipping and empowering women to pursue their God-given business dreams.​ Kristin and Rebecca’s Top 5 Tips:

Chase Your God-Sized Dream with these 3 Healthy Hacks

Most people say we’re crazy. My hubby and I have three kids, two business, one full time job (where I work for a boss), one charity, five students, a dog, a cat, a marriage and a big house. So you can probably imagine a little chaos goes on from time to time. Ok, a

Strategies For Working From Home Successfully

When I mention to people that I work from home, they most often tell me that they would love to do that. Or they tell me how lucky that I am that I can work around my children, but every now and then, I get those who look me in the eye and seriously

You were born to create By Janet Grace Schier

You were born to create. I would love to share with you today that I honestly believe that we were born to create. We are made in the image and likeness of God, and I would love to share, and for you to capture the heart of this verse: ‘God spoke: “Let us make

#1 – Welcome To The CWIB Podcast!

[powerpress] Welcome to the first podcast of CWIB! For our first podcast we got together the ladies who have helped and brought CWIB together for you. Emily Horsfall Emily Bell Jen Freeman Sarah-Jane Meeson We wanted to create a platform where women can come to be inspired, to learn from women who have been

Christian Women In Business Launch

Welcome to the first blog post for Christian Women In Business. We are so excited to have you here and that the vision God has given us has finally come to life. We would love to take this opportunity to make our first blog post a prayer for you and your business; there is

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