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Hi Im Allyson Jayne Gray. I lived with my husband and worked in Blackwater Central Queensland as a Teacher for the past 20 years. Together we worked with youth in the community through schools and church as youth pastors over the years. I have a heart to see women of all ages reach their potential both personally and professionally. I served my community for 11 years helping girls as they transitioned from primary to high school with a program called Girl Life . This highly relational program was cantered around teaching girls to look after their bodies as well as to look after the inside. Here we focused mainly on having healthy thoughts feelings and character. What I loved about this program was the amazing team God gave me each year . We worked with both community, church and teachers. Some who knew God personally and some that were yet to explore that journey. All came with a heart to pour in to the next generation. 2.5 years ago my husband passed away from Cancer so I have been walking through a transition season of my like and am thankful for friends, family, professionals and most importantly what God has been teaching me over this time.. Recently he gave me the courage to step out of what I had always done and to start a coaching business. It had been an idea that sat as a concept for along time until I became intentional about it. Today I am watching my potential unfold as I step into new territories, as I partner with God to lengthen the pegs and extends the cords (Isaiah 54). In July I am going to step further into that potential as the door had opened up for me to attend Bethel school of supernatural ministry in the USA. ( there's a whole story behind that one). so if you have ever desired to visit Bethel Church there's a room for you.
Her Wisdom

I  could right a book on this or least a blog.

I would spend more time with the people I love. Go on adventures together . Balance my life between planning for the future and living in the moment. So much of my husbands and my life was spending building for our future lives . Sometimes choosing to  missing out enjoying the now. In my story my future life  now looks very different to the one I was building with my husband. Thankyou Father that you use all experiences the good and bad to create beauty from ashes.

I also wouldn't be so afraid to step out and try new things. Something I love about this present generations. They embrace change.

That there is always more no matter what calamities life throws at you. . There is hope and redemption in Jesus Christ.  I always have a hope and a future. 

Watch this space. I'm sure it will fill up.

If your about to explore the coaching world. I'm cheering you on.

Spiritually Coaching and the Holy Spirit make a good combination. If its Gods initiative he will partner with you in the designing and  running of the business. Spend time dreaming with Father God to what he wants the business to look like and how he wants to use it to impact this world. Spend time being the Entrepreneur.  

Business Wise. - Don't be afraid of the unknown. Its natural to feel like your swimming in unknown waters. Find good mentors in all the areas of business and hire a coach to help you get to where you want to go. Build the three areas of professional development, practise and your personal life to keep a balanced approach to your life.  If your missing one leg of the stool the chair falls over.  

Professional Development - Work on being the best coach you can be. Find a mentor or hop on board mentoring circles or chapter groups to help you get better at your craft. Network with other coaches. Find an accredited course in coaching. Choose a reputable one. Anything ICF accredited has credibility.

Practise - Practising coaching and getting feedback is the best way to improve. I recommend connecting with Reciprocoach ( a coaching practise site and much more) to help develop your skills.  Also don't be afraid to charge a fee even if you are starting out in business.

Personal - Our body soul and spirit  are the vessel that help us to  do what God has called us to do.

Think Health-  Body - rest, recreation, sleep, healthy eating, moving everyday, 

Soul - Thoughts and Emotions - he wants us to prosper even as our soul prospers.  Develop  quality relationships with  family and friends. spend time connecting with the important people in your life including and most importantly God

Spirit -  Spend Time  daily getting to know God and him getting to know you. prayer worship word.   Spend time in a listening posture so you can hear His voice. Seek first his kingdom and the rest will be added to you.

God recently said to me Allyson your about two businesses. The coaching business and about Kingdom business. Good to keep this in check. My coaching business is about Kingdom Business.