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AJB Plumbing
Gold Coast
Her Story
I'm a Plumber, Mumma and lover! I completed my apprenticeship under hubby in 2013 and now work more on the Business development side of things. I absloulty love this as i get to be creative, colabritive and collective with people, while occationally working on tools.. (any excuse to get an Ice Cream with the boss!) I am a Mumma to a Pint size poket rocket (4yrs) and a slow and steady stead (2yrs)... I am a lover to my Hubby Andrew who keeps me grounded. I love to love on people and make a difference no matter how small.
Her Wisdom

To be honest I cant say I'd change anything, because when I have made mistakes I have learnt & when there have been struggles I have grown in my relationship with God and it has shaped who I am today and I look forward to the future mistakes and struggles.. 🙂

That my strength is in sales and business development and I never saw myself in that space.. I think because to be honest I struggled with the idea of rejection until a friend said to me...

" Alyce if another Plumber came up to us right now and said "hey are you looking for a plumber?" I would say "No" because Alyce your my Plumber, its not personal its just business" 

This revolutionised the way I looked at rejection they weren't rejecting me they were rejecting my service but their is an upside to this "rejection" the next transformation was if someone was to say "No I already have a great plumber" I now respond with "well can we be your number 2 Plumber?." By asking this question we scored one of our largest jobs!

Potential customers saying No isn't "No not ever" its just "No not right now"..

Being a female in a male dominated industry I tend to find women are either trying to beat Men like there is some kind of competition or they are trying to be like Men...

The best piece of advice I can give is don't try to be a "Man" or beat them at some invisible game.. You as a woman have strengths that a Man does not have, and a Man carries strengths that you do not have, so unify with Men, use your strengths as a woman and encourage him to use his strengths as a Man, when you work together in this way you will be unstoppable..