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Kenmore, Brisbane
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Her Story
Hey there Sister! My name is Bonnie, I love all things creative especially dancing and singing and I am super passionate about Youth Endeavors and empowering the next generation to answer their call. I've been a Christian my whole life, but only recently had a big encounter with the Holy Spirit which led me to understanding my true identity in Christ and who I was as a child of God. Discovering this and realising I have such a huge family who know God has been the most exciting journey. I can't wait to see what God's got planned next for this part of the journey with you all.
Her Wisdom

If I could start all over again I'd not be so hard on myself , let go of 'control' and let things grow and evolve naturally. 

The biggest mind transformation I had to make was that TWBD wasn't part of my identity.The success or failure of the project didn't define who I was as a child of God. I also realised to make the biggest 'social change' or impact I could make on on someones life was being real, present and loving towards everyone who God puts on my path in this lifetime. 

How did this come about? Well, at school I was school captain and represented the positivity pillar of success. I loved it, being there for others, encouraging my peers in their studies, I used to think 'I could do this as a full time job!'.  I didn't realise it at the time but I had formed my identity around this position. When I finished High School, I felt something was missing - I had given my all into something that was temporary and I didn't really know who I was without it. 

The idea of Teens with Big Dreams has been on my heart since I was 14. When I first decided to take action towards it after finishing school - it replaced what I had experienced at school - in a sense I had made TWBD my new identity. 

I never really knew what identity in Christ was until last year when I had a big encounter with the Holy Spirit and since then I've just felt so liberated.

I believe that we are all put on this Earth with gifts and dreams that God has put in our hearts. By answering 'the call' of our dreams we step into more of who God created us to be and bring more of God's love and light into this world. 

Know how amazing and special you are, stay in your lane and stay focussed on your vision/ goals, let go of comparison - it'll rob you of your own joy God intends for you.