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Carmels Garden
Nth Nowra
New South Wales
Health Services
Her Story
I had a dream to help Orphans and Widows around the World and in 2010 God took me on an adventure to Israel with a Word in my heart that I would learn to prayer and bring back a ministry. So here I am 8 years later. Carmels Garden was birth out of a need to help others and provide fair trade items of value to the wider community. I have spent many hours at tafe studying and learning how to build websites and use social media. I am still learning everyday as the industry changes so much and so quickly. The website and shop front is live now with always plenty of tweaking to do so you amazing folks can support us. Each year God has taken me on a journey of discovery and amazement at his faithfulness and provision. My aim is always to keep on giving back into the business so that I can help others in need. I have been blessed with many folks who now pray for the ministry regularly in Israel and support us with donations and purchasing our products. I have done many markets and sharing in homes, churches and prayer groups these days I am run a little shop from home. Last year I started on my own wellness journey and discovered the benefits of Essential oils I had been asking the Lord for new direction and connection with others and this is what he has done. Now I have added these amazing oils to Carmels Garden and I am having the privilege of sharing and praying for women and families who are looking for a more natural solution to empower their families with health and wellness. Stay tuned for what the Lord is helping me do as I update my website again adding the oils and the benefits of using biblical oils and prayer shawls and banners in your everyday life and worship to Yeshua our Lord. Please take some time to look at my story and share with others who have a heart for the Holy Land and wanting to be empowered by using God’s gift to us with plants and pure oils.
Her Wisdom

I would have invested my money in paying for a professional to do my website and logo. This process has taken a lot of my time money and effort learning the process and then trying to keep things up to date. I would write a plan out as well and seek the Lord for clear direction and not just jump into a direction. 

I have had to lay down my plans and dreams before the Lord and ask for his guidance and strength to keep going with my dream. 

Been disciplined with putting the Lord first and taking care of myself and family first. I can get caught up and caring for others a a major cost to my own family. 

Having to look after myself first and spent quality time in the Lords presence and not allowing others and things control and squeeze out that time. 

I have got caught up in wanting to fix others and not giving myself the time I need to refresh and function this has been a major learning curb for me. 


Take time to explore all avenues and not just jump in cause it is a good idea or a word from others. You need to keep balanced and do 1 thing at a time.