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Esther Magazine
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I am a mother of 4, wife of 20+ years and I am the Founder and CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Esther Magazine, a quarterly magazine dedicated to sharing faith, modesty, body positivity, fashion & beauty
Her Wisdom

I'm not really too sure how to answer this. I could say that I would have changed a certain thing, but then would that have changed the person I am today? I am what I am because of what I have been through (both good and bad). I think if I changed something then I might not have grown in certain areas and could not use that episode to go on and help another person.

If I would still be the same person and get to change one thing in my past it would be giving my life over to Jesus sooner than what I did.

I actually had a mind transformation very recently. I would always class myself as a "naturally shy person", my biggest fear was public speaking and I also had social anxiety. I was due to attend The Deborah Conference in Adelaide in 2 days and I started to have a slight panic attack, only because it was going to be a new environment and I knew I had to interact with many people, the whole point of me going was to network. So, on the onset of this mild anxiety flare up I stopped and just thought about God, and I thought about Jesus... then He said 2 things:

  • Fear is NOT from Me!

So true! It's not from Him, if I continue to fear than wouldn't I be living without faith? All negative emotions and feelings aren't from Him, are they!

Huge weight off my shoulder...

  • Jesus didn't die on the cross for me to live in fear!

He didn't did he! If I use my life focusing on small insignificant things and not focusing on living my life for Him than how selfish am I.

This is definitely a God thing for me to overcome this, because look at the work He wants me to do and there is definitely no room for anxiety or shyness in this industry.

I am completely new to this industry! Absolutely no prior experience! My background is in Administration/Accounts Payable/Payroll. But I am learning as I go, God is blessing me and making people cross my path randomly that have contributed or are still contributing, in ways that just makes me stop in my tracks and think "Is this really happening!"

The advice I would give if you are starting out and completely new like me is to continue to learn, research, read, pray, remain in faith, and the biggest tip is to keep it simple. If you keep things simple and prepare than you will always be on top. I have general templates that I have created that answer the most common/general questions, if you put the time in and do this than you will always be able to answer promptly by simply copying and pasting. These responses should give as much information as possible so there is no room for a constant back and forth of questions.

I highly recommend getting qualifications in Graphic Design if you are responsible for the layout also. Past issues haven’t looked great but since completing my quals future issues have a more aesthetic structured grid system that is layed out purposefully. Learning constantly by perfecting your craft through University and also reading books on the industry has helped immensely.

Social Media Marketing! Instagram is amazing for promoting and gaining a following all for free. Do some free social media courses, they really help.

Time Management! When you are creating your vision and are doing it on your own and pretty much overseeing each phase you do need an amazing Project Management tool, I use Asana. It's a way of all people who are a part of the team to interact. I use it to interact with our 8 permanent contributors. I can communicate, assign tasks, update editorial calendar, contributors can upload their pitch ideas and articles... just a great tool for managing your team really.

Lastly, get yourself great business mentors.