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Clara Jean Events
Gold Coast
Everything Creative
Her Story
I started my small business in March 2017. We met and bought the business(stock) all within a two day period, if there was ever a door open we took it. Previously to diving into the world of owing a small business, I was doing full time mum life. Harold (June 2013) and Jane (September 2014). My husband (Matthew) works away (FIFO) on cargo ships. Clara Jean Events is a event styling company, we style birthdays, weddings, parties, anything and everything. I'm loving the world of creating and styling peoples dreams. Pinterest is my new best friend. I'm constantly learning how to use social media and marketing to my advantage(not my skill set).
Her Wisdom

Hire others for the things your not good at!!!

Time is money, your time is better spent on the things you can do. 

Get back to basics.

GOD is the centre of my marriage.

GOD is the centre of my parenting.

GOD is the centre of my life.

Why did I think he wouldn't be interested in my business.