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Her Story
Hello Ladies! Hoping you're having a great week! In a nut-shell: I'm a Wife-for-life, Mummy, Bridal Designer & Fashion Stylist. I love God, Ballet, Fashion & Nature! Can I tell you.. I'm often tempted to close my big gates & just get lost, with my darling husband & tiny son, in my big garden of roses & fruit trees. But God had bigger plans, than I had, for this shy yet fiercely passionate woman! My God-seeded calling is to Create; through designing, sewing, hand-beading & by helping my beautiful clients discover their God-given beauty! Some don't realise they have 'it', some misuse 'it' & some hide 'it'. I help each woman, one-on-one, discover & then understand her true body-shape. Empowering each woman to dress to optimise, & thus grow to love, her figure & unique personality through silhouette & colour. I like to 'leave a little to the imagination' & wholeheartedly believe their body is a Temple to be nourished, respected & gently admired. I love quality over quantity & timeless-longevity over new-new-new. Do you believe Love is in the details? ..Me too xo
Her Wisdom

I would silence anxiety in Jesus name, let go of pride, charge more (hehe anyone else relate to undervaluing time & skill?) & I would delight in the truth that God in fact loves ambition!

Humility came very easily to me. I adored that when I would create something marvellous, after hours of cautiously relying on the Holy Spirit to equip every detail of the process, all the glory went to God. For I would create things I wasn't humanly able to; I was under qualified. But who else knows that God loves to work with the under qualified? So my huge mind-shift healing came when God revealed to me that I indeed played my part in the creation of these marvellous things & that sometimes my humility would breed false-pride... I undermined what God was carving me into by forgetting that, though it was the supernatural equipping of the Holy Spirit, it was my hands that worked the fabric. I had finally learnt a quiet fiery ambition.

Take a step back in a World obsessed with forward-motion, don't rush, take fewer photos & instead breathe in the inspiration. Value quality craftsmanship & the people who will wear it. Trust yourself... if your heart is to truly do God's will, trust that your decisions & passions flow out of this! Start wherever you are, with whatever you have, & delight in humble beginnings for necessity truly is the mother of invention!