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I am Jan Morris
Her Story
Jan wears 3 hats! She is the video creator at 'Jan's Scribbly Videos' a published author using her Christian names Janet Elizabeth and a 'Toxic Free Educator' with a major eCommerce shop. *Janet Elizabeth - Author* Jan has published a book of prophetic poetry and 2 children’s books. Her book of poems is called 'Heaven Is All About Him' and came from her journal, written as she spent time with God. Prompted by Holy Spirit to share with specific people, she was blown away when they would say it really spoke to them in a deeply personal way. She passes on a poem to everyone who buys a book, a prophetic message from our Father and loves the feedback that she gets from the recipients. Her children’s rhyming book 'The Good Samaritan' was published in January 2018 on her 60th birthday and 'The Good Samaritan Companion' - puzzles and colouring book followed in July the same year. Both are self-illustrated. Exciting times! *Jans Scribbly Videos* Jans Scribbly Video business started from her own need to get more views on social media for her books. She now helps others by creating their personal story, their product, service or their passion on these wonderfully addictive videos written and drawn before your eyes. You can see the examples on *One Stop Safe Shop* Jan is also passionate about educating the community around the controversial chemicals in everyday consumables, which are being sold to the unsuspecting public, with blatant disregard for human safety, Her eCommerce shop of choice is the 30-year-old Research and Development company Modere, seen here on her website Her philosophy is to change brands and create a safe place for your family to thrive and to choose the safe option. A non-toxic home makes a huge difference to those little health issues experienced in most families. Feel free to get in touch
Her Wisdom

I would seek His face much earlier than 53 years into my life. I know (we do don't we) as I look back, that I had encounters, times He saved my life, times He knocked me off a path and steered me away from damaging pastimes and shut down opportunities to get involved in dark forces. 

I would listen more closely to that small quiet voice and allow Him to steer me... I would be more humble and less about me, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I now encourage others to be aware of those times and help them to see what I missed.

This is a very recent revelation and is still pretty raw

I have been a Christian for 7 years and was floating in that sea of wonderfulness and revelation that being new affords you - feeling loved and supported and oh so invincible in His love, and then my mentor, my business coach, my friend, my gorgeous business partner and the leader of our womens' ministry passed in a very heart-breaking way,  which we witnessed first hand over 3 years

From that I learned that I cannot do life without Him. How do we go through that without Him? I railed and cried and blamed Him, and acted like a spoilt brat.....and still after all that He was there loving on me and helping me to stand. She was the person who bought me to Christ. I am a part of her legacy. My purpose is to carry that forward, however that looks.


I can only comment from an independent distributor point of view here as that's what I have been doing for the past 15 years... and I would say do your due diligence, choose a company with a long-standing record and realise it's work, even though we don't make a huge investment monetarily to start - treat it like a real business.

Make sure you have a mentor to help you and that they also train and coach you - and that they also have an emphasis on personal development. Be teachable. Be a servant leader and be prepared for your business contacts and the people you find who join you, to become more than passers-by. It's what my business is all about. Finding the gold in people and helping to bring it to the surface. Be prepared to have fun though (important) and to realise that we are here for a purpose and as my mentor would always say - it's not about you!! It's all about making a difference.

The Scribbly videos came to me as a way to create more income for the books. So my advice from this point of view would be keep praying and being grateful for answers t0 prayer!

From an author's point of view - I believe if you have a book in you He put it there and has equipped you to get it birthed! Surround yourself with other Christians who are developing their gifts and learn from them...and listen to Holy Spirit and follow His lead.

This is by far the most important thing to do ... to put God in the centre of everything. Your family, your marriage, your kids, your business. Your life!