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Cycle Coach
Her Story
Over the years as my kids were growing up I had been either a stay home mum or working part time. We had made that decision when the kids were born that I wouldn't pursue a career. It worked well with the kids and husband job. In 2013 I started thinking about what I should do with my life now they were getting older and having more of their own interests. I suppose you could call it a 'middle life crisis'. My passion is riding my bike, going on adventures, getting other women to join me and breathing in the fresh air. I had been running a Women's Cycling Group for a number of years and decided to see if there were any qualifications I could gain just for fun. One thing lead to another and over a 3 year period I have become a qualified Mountain Bike Guide, Cycle Skills Instructor and a Cycle NZ Accredited Coach. To my surpirse I started getting contract work taking people on guided rides and teaching cycle skills. Not long after that I woke one morning and thought I should start a cycling buisness. I created a Facebook Page with absoluletly no clue what I had just done. From there I went on a steep learn curve on business matters and l am still learning to this day. I never pursed it, somehow it just happened. My business started off with a small number of clients and a handful of contract jobs. Since I started I have continued on and become an Assessor for the Qualifications that I had obtained, This has opened up doors I never even dreamed of. I am currently in a very exciting chapter of my business working towards going full time. I am interseted to see where this new adventure leads me too and extremely happy to be doing something I love.
Her Wisdom

I would of gone to see a Business Advisor/Mentor right at the beginning.  I never realised just how many things and decisions it takes to set up a business.  I am still in the process of learn.

I have had to believe in myself and that I am actually good at what I do.  Self Doubt is a terrible thing.  Having support from my husband and friends has been the best thing every to get me through and keeping me going.


Find someone in the industry that is happy for you to ask lots of questions and give you good sound advise.  They are worth your weigh in gold.  You can bounce ideas off each other.