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The Sleep Project
McGraths Hill
New South Wales
Health and Beauty
Her Story
I love sleep! I always have! But at times, it felt like I was still not getting enough! I was still tired, I found it hard to concentrate at work or in fact anywhere, and was sick quite often. This is true for such a large proportion of our community living sleep deprived, sick, run-down and overwhelmed. STOP!!! This is NOT God’s plan for our lives! And we don’t have to stay this way. No way! He wants us waking refreshed, energised and feeling on top of our game! It’s time to re-balance, re-think, re-program ourselves back to sleep. Thus ‘The Sleep Project’ was birthed. As a growing community, our aim is to inspire & educate through programs and products to help you ‘Sleep yourself to a better life’.
Her Wisdom

I would have liked to have learn’t the balance of life and sleep earlier on! I would have implemented a positive sleep schedule instead of living with a crippling sleep debt, leaving me tired, sick, emotional, forgetful and depriving myself of a full purpose lived life as God designed it.

I would have placed more value on sleep earlier on.

The good news is, God now opened my eyes to many of the benefits of a healthy sleep life and I am able to share these insights with a wider community.

Good sleep = healthy, purposeful living and it’s all possible because of our awesomely wonderful God.

Reading books about sleep, getting educated, talking to God, practicing and implementing a new sleep schedule, changing my thinking and talking to so many others about sleep certainly has changed life and others around me.

Sleep is under-rated in our society. We need passionate people who see how God created good healthy sleep for our good benefit to spread the world to see people sleep themselves to their best lives.