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Tanah Merah
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Her Story
I am married to an amazing man, and am mother to four great kids - three boys and a girl. Life is never dull! Pre-kids I worked in administration and bookkeeping for various companies and a church. Our business was originally started for my husband to do contract work in his industry, but it quickly became clear that I was the one with the business drive and passion - something that no doubt comes from my entrepreneur family. My husband returned to employment and I took the reins. Over the years I have done administration, business management, bookkeeping and BAS work and social media and marketing for varying companies - from a family-run solar power and installation business, to plumbers, electricians, roofers and a car restoration workshop. I am a registered BAS Agent with a Cert IV in Accounting. I love a new challenge and enjoy working with business owners to use the systems, tools and administration and business knowledge I have to see their businesses expand and thrive.
Her Wisdom

There isn't much I'd do over.  All the choices I've made (and let's be honest, some weren't great) have led me to where I am now.  I'd be too worried that changing something would mean I have things different now.

I do wish I'd applied myself more in school.  I will never know my true potential within that educational environment.  I've studied since school and achieved quite high, but I will never know what could have been.

Biggest ever would be in my late teen years.  I was raised in an atheist house and was even made to sit out of RE in primary school.  When I met my now husband, we started going to youth group at a church together and I started asking questions.  The answers to these and the journey I began forced me to question a lot of what I had been raised to believe.  This then led me to question everything in my life - if I had been so wrong about one aspect, how did I know everything else was right?   From that point onwards I have had a mindset that questions, and will look at things from more than one point of view, and will re-assess as time goes by too - it drives my husband crazy!

Learn, read, study, and learn some more.  The financial industry is evolving quicker than most would believe.  And those that don't embrace cloud technology and online resources will sadly be left behind.  Also find your niche - you can't do everything and nor should you want to.  

And enjoy the journey leaving plenty of room for real life.  It is only business after all!