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Kym Siddons Physio | Empowering Desk Workers to Wellness thru Exercise, Education & Ergonomics
South Australia
Health Services
Her Story
My name’s Kym Siddons and I’m a physiotherapist on a mission… …to empower everyday people to maximise their wellness and performance in their work, home and study life by educating them about good ergonomics, posture and exercise! I’ve created a range of programs to help office workers and corporations, plus students, their parents and schools recognise the impact their sedentary lifestyle and lots of screen-time is having and empower them to take a stand against ‘Sitting Disease’! For many years I worked and travelled with elite athletes and am an experienced APA Sports Physiotherapist. I’m now also a mum of 3 and when I moved with my husband and young family to Adelaide, Australia, a few years back I started work in a sports clinic in the city… Working family-friendly hours saw me applying my expertise in injury prevention and rehabilitation to the ‘occupational athletes’ I now saw streaming in from surrounding offices. I noticed that desk workers and students also suffered from overuse injuries, just of a different nature. After gaining my certification in Occupational Health Physiotherapy I combined all my skills to educate and inspire these clients, with amazing results… I was astounded by the impact that a little ergonomic education, regular postural changes and simple exercises made to reduce people’s pain, improve their posture and their health. Now I am committed to spreading the message further to help more people, like you, and more corporations, schools, communities…. I want more people to know how ‘a little movement, done regularly, can literally change your life’!
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