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LT & Associates Architects
Catherine Hill Bay
Her Story
I really don't like talking about myself so I will tell you what God has done to me cause that's all that matters. From the day of my salvation my life as been amazing and full of joy! God has and will continue to heal and lift me up till I know who I am in him and the glory and gifts he has equipment me with. My passions are my life but also my business. I enjoy talking about god, worship to god and seeing is glory and manifestations of him on earth. I like to talk to my clients about God when though they don't ask 😉 I just can't help it I just want everyone to have what I have.
Her Wisdom

When I started LMG which was my first design and drafting firm I was 19. But I just jumped in as my father had is own business and so it wasn't a really big deal. I also seen periods of no work and our family suffering financially due to this and having a parent who ran a business. I was taught in marketing, websites etc and no clear direction but I justed loved design, architecture and practice and always never liked working for others. So a lot of the business side of things I have had to learn over the years.

I wish I knew what I know now when I started I would be alot better of. I am happy how much I have learned in the business so far and feel I am at a point where I can still see areas that need improving.

The main thing in all of this is that I been able to see God showed up and sort out every small and major issue I have had in my business and forever grateful. 

Knowing who I am in God and then applying that to every situation in my life.

Also not thinking of God as performance based God, I mean knowing that no matter what I do or do not do he is a God that cares and will come through every time for nothing in return, not matter how much I stuff up.

Learn to stick up for yourself and learn to set boundaries with your business and how you want your projects to run.

I have found over the years I would do anything to keep my clients happy for little return and if anything they just keep going and pushing. I know it's taken some time but don't be afraid to tell clients your terms, how you want to be paid and when and when your available and when you will get back to them. I have found that they respect this when you in the first phone call you call the shots.