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Climbing Vine Co.
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Her Story
I am a wife, daughter, mother (of the cutest little dog), believer and friend. I come with years of experience from the not-for-profit sector, where I learnt to write with passion and heart. Since then I recognised the advantage this gave me in being able to help clients in small businesses and social enterprises succeed in all things content-related. Last year, God really called me out of a full-time job and told me to take a leap of faith and start my own freelance copywriting business... the clause: this will be more about ministry than making money. So, I said yes... and here I am. I have a particular strength in writing to welcome and nurture target audiences into becoming long-term satisfied supporters, customers and advocates of products and causes. With a heart for women in business and seeing them rise up to achieve all they have been called to, I love getting to know my client, the reason they do what they do, and how that resonates with their customers. I then write from that place. I'm excited to see how God uses me to help others grow and flourish where they have been planted.
Her Wisdom

I would have started with a wider business scope. I originally limited myself to fundraising writing and I think I lost potential clients at the start simply because I thought I had to have a niche.

I am now looking to remarket my brand and connect with women in business who need help with their copywriting.

My biggest mind transformation has been learning to trust the Lord's timing. To be ok with slow periods and to not be afraid to put myself out there and challenge myself. I think I can be a bit of a perfectionist and can underestimate myself, so I need to be more confident at times with taking on new tasks. I need to remember I have access to the Holy Spirit, who is full of wisdom. He qualifies us for any task He brings before us.

Ask the Lord how He wants you to spend your every day. Every time I sit down to start a job I pray over it. That I will produce copy that satisfies the client and that brings in great blessing to their business. I ask the Holy Spirit to write through me. I think that suddenly puts the pressure off you. It might also help you as you write to stop and look at the bigger message He is threading through the words you use.