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Abundance Studios
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Her Story
I'm a creative soul at heart and love music and art. I started learning the piano at a young age and then found my voice through singing and songwriting in my late teens. I went on to study voice at Wesley Institute for Ministry and the Arts in Sydney, and became fascinated with how the voice works. I love helping people to discover their voice as each one is unique and has its on voice print. I also love community and spent many years working in local government in the area of community development and events. However the creative keeps calling me back so in 2015 I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business - Abundance Studios. It's not just a music teaching studio, but one that makes room for a variety of creative projects. My creative journey has always been a struggle but the Lord gently and persistently keeps leading me down that road, even during the times of serious self doubt. So after many years I've decided to finally embrace my creativity and trust in God.
Her Wisdom

If I could start over again, I would have tried taking this step into business a little earlier, as this would have saved me from the angst of not following my heart.  I tended to listen to others who did not understand the way of the creative soul more than I listened to God\\\\\\\'s call.  

To step into the unknown creative space seemed risky, so I held back until I couldn\\\\\\\'t just sit back anymore!  So here I am today in the creative space which is still risky but I\\\\\\\'m finding with God\\\\\\\'s help I\\\\\\\'m on the way!

For me my biggest mind transformation has been and continues to be belief in myself, that I have the skills and knowledge and experience, that I can consider myself an \\\\\\\'expert\\\\\\\' in my field.

Struggling with perfectionism for most of my earlier years, has had a huge impact on what I do today.  While it\\\\\\\'s good to want to do things well and to the best of my ability , this has also prevented me from starting new projects or completing them!  

So this is an area that I\\\\\\\'m consciously working on and little by little I see steps forward!

One on one music teaching can be quite emotionally exhausting but satisfying at the same time.  It\\\\\\\'s a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak and pray into the lives of children and adults.

I would encourage others who would like to share the love of music with people through teaching to consider their business as a ministry, because I\\\\\\\'ve found that many of my lessons have moments of deep conversations and sharing about what is going on in their lives.  

This year as I\\\\\\\'ve started seeing my business as a ministry to others, as I\\\\\\\'ve prayed for my students at the beginning of each day, and as I\\\\\\\'ve asked God to give me wisdom and creative teaching skills, I\\\\\\\'ve sensed His presence in the studio and the students are becoming excited to learn.