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Emmaus Health and Wellness
North Lakes
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Her Story
I am a Physiokey Practitioner (not a physiotherapist) currently 54 years old and very happily married with 3 amazing sons and one gorgeous grandson. In 2015 following breast cancer I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. SCENAR/Physiokey technology was used on me by my Physio during rehabilitation and healed my body very quickly. During rehabilitation I felt very much that God had spared me from cancer to do more with my life than the administration job I was in, so I trained as both a SCENAR and Physiokey practitioner and in July 2018 I opened my own clinic in Sibley Street in North Lakes. I specialise in pain relief and stress and anxiety management. I am proudly a Christian business and every day God brings me those He wants me to help. I have even had clients tell me that they prayed to God in tears to help them find someone who could help them and they have found me. I like to deal in the "too hard" basket and generally get very good results for people who have been suffering pain or stress and anxiety for a long time. I love that I get to spend time with God every day in my healing sanctuary and that I get to speak the love and life of Christ into my patients. I even read Scripture to my clients. I have a genuine passion for helping people to be well and find my career incredibly rewarding. I absolutely love what I do and know that God has led me all the way and I am finally living my purpose for Him..
Her Wisdom

I don't know that I'd do anything differently because I have learned so much through building my business from the ground up, both professionally and personally. I have had to break through a lot of my fears, learn from my mistakes and dig deep and really take a leap of faith many many times and as a result I have experienced so much growth both personally and in my faith.

The biggest mind transformation I had to make I think was to believe in myself and learn my true value of what I had to offer. In my industry people cannot claim my treatments against their health funds and in the beginning I felt a lot of guilt over this and did not charge what I should. Now I have grown in my abilities and confidence enough to know that my great works need supporting and that includes financially.

Trust God, He has amazing plans for your incredible life. It won't all be smooth sailing and you will absolutely face difficult times, and sometimes you might not always have the support of everyone around you either, including your family, but if you truly believe that God is leading you to this then go at it with your whole heart, putting all your trust and faith in Him. He knows the perfect way for you to go. I would also advise you to have prayer warriors around you who can uphold you in praying for you and your business. I would also recommend factoring in some self care regularly to help you cope with the challenges of building a business. An accountability partner or group is a great idea that can help you be more organised and stay on track, as procrastination can be a big problem when working for yourself.