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Maree Cutler-Naroba
Western Australia
Everything Professional
Her Story
Maree has a comprehensive employment and business record in a number of diverse roles from employment coach, vocational tutor, lecturer, academic adviser, child protection researcher and lawyer, business teacher/trainer, school principal, conference producer, curriculum and assessment designer, quality assurance adviser, program facilitator, business consultant and project manager. Along with her 28 years teaching, training, management and leadership experience, Maree has tertiary qualifications in Business Management, Teaching, Training, Career Development and Law. She is a qualified teacher (Secondary School) and lawyer, who is an admitted legal Practitioner in New Zealand and Australia. Maree is a multi-skilled Education Specialist and a Child Protection Advocate. Maree loves nothing more than seeing women fly in their businesses and careers.
Her Wisdom

I would not overthink things so much - just get out and there and give it a go. Yes it is important to research the target market, build the branding, quality test the product/service etc. But sometimes we can use those things as a way to subconsciously procrastinate.

We have to step out with boldness and faith: as we take the first step God will be there to show us what the next step will be - for it is a way not gone before, be strong and of good courage (Joshua 3). 

Not being afraid to fail or make mistakes - that God is okay with these things! We do NOT have to aim for perfectionism in our businesses - excellence yes, but not perfection. Aiming for perfection will sow doubts and fear in our mind and we can end up going around in circles.

It took me time - but as I focused on excellence in my business, it freed me to just give something a go. If that did not work then it was back to the drawing board as it were and the prayer closest to reset the compass points to try again.

Failure is not final. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind (2 Tim 1:7).

Inject who you are into every aspect of your business, you were not born to be a copy. Stand out in your industry, but also be humble to learn and grow from others. Success does not come overnight, its about building relationships, customers and clients for the long term.

Be careful not to jump on to all the latest trends - reflect and observe, what works best for you and your clients, what is sustainable and what is not?

You do not need to charge customers/clients excessive amounts of money for coaching and mentoring: yes charge a rate that certainly values your experience, skills and time but not a rate that is so high that it ends up becoming a prohibitive factor to the very clients you originally set out to serve.