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Happy Splat Design
Caroline Springs
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Her Story
I’m a designer, illustrator and brand specialist and I love to empower and equip small to medium business owners. I love digging into the heart and soul of the businesses I work with, pulling out their unique personalities which I can then turn into a boutique designer brand. I work from a sunny home studio, in Melbourne, Australia. I'm also a busy married Mum of 5 children aged from 2yrs up to 17yrs, with a passion for encouraging others to be the best they can be. Wether that be in business, family or in their relationship with God.
Her Wisdom

Working from a home office has the ability to suck you into working all hours of the day and night. You have a deadline or something that needs doing, well... you just do it. Working like this can consume you and before you know, you become a workaholic. This can pretty much set you up for burnout - that's not what anyone wants! I set business working hours for myself several years ago and I adhere to them the best that I can. Weekends are a non-negotiable.  They are my time for spending with family, going to church, pottering around the house. Now I look forward to the end of the week and I go into my new weeks refreshed. 

I was beating myself up trying to be perfect and it was holding me back. This stopped me releasing some of my own projects for fear that they weren't 'perfect'. This held me back in getting my website up, because I didn't feel it was perfect.  This doesn't mean to say that I didn't do things correctly - but that the standard of perfection that I held myself too was far higher than that which I held to anyone else.  I had to learn to let go of perfect to be more proactive and productive. This was in essence a fear of succeeding. I had to learn to rely on God and step into my faith, as my worth wasn't reliant upon my success or my perfections. My worth was already set in my relationship with God, I was already perfect in His sight. This heart felt revelation enabled me to to be more productive and progress in my business and my relationship with God. xo

White space... bandwidth..... leave room for the unexpected in your schedule. Don't over commit. As your business grows or as you take on more responsibility this becomes easy to slip into without realising it. Schedule a blank spot or 2 somewhere in your schedule every week to allow for when the unexpected happens or arrives on your doorstep or can't go to school or just needs a hug 🙂