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Aspire Early Childhood Consultancy
Sussex Inlet
New South Wales
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Her Story
I'm a God Loving woman happily married to an amazing God Loving man. I'm a mum of 4 aged 18, 22, 32 and 34 and a Granma of 1 gorgeous 5 year old. I'm an Early Childhood Qualified teacher who has worked in many areas of the profession as well as in the community sector. I use my leadership skills and knowledge to support others and I love to work in the day to day realities of working with people as well as in leadership and training roles. I spent many years as a Kids Church Leader in my local church where I've been for 22 years. I've also had the privilege of being a Scripture teacher and Co-ordinator. I have a heart for supporting others, including mothers and women to develop self worth as well as parents and others who work with young children. I believe that the Lord has prepared me for this new venture over many years and that is why this is all coming to fruition now. I believe His hand is on this. As I continue to slowly develop my business (child in year 12 as school - must focus 🙂 ) or should I say God's business I'll continue to work in my current management role and Trust the Lord in what HE will do with all this! x
Her Wisdom

I'm not sure that I'd change anything in the process of setting up my business. In the past I thought I should have started earlier and asked myself why didn't I. Now I see that this is all part of God's plan and everything happens in HIS timing not ours.  He has been preparing me for just the right time!

Not allowing my own fear and insecurity get in the way of starting my business, including thinking I'm too old or not good enough.  Accessing SJ as a mentor has proven to be an essential element to transforming my mindset along with connecting with the CWIB network for encouragement and the reminders of God in the midst of this.

Trust life experiences and study as opportunities and that with any qualification and new job this is the starting point to growth.

In Early Childhood we talk about setting the stage for Lifelong Learning. Well aren't we are always learning? Continual Self Reflection, Support, Mentoring and/or Coaching is the key to professional growth when working with young children and families.  If you are a Christian then I believe we have an added advantage - JESUS!  AMEN!