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Christian Mental Wellness Australia
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Her Story
I am 42, have been working with authors as a virtual assistant for three years and have now begun the journey of setting up a not for profit called Christian Mental Wellness Australia. I have Bipolar Disorder and anxiety and want to build a support network between Christians and the medical resources available to them that support people looking for faith-based mental health strategies. I have two boys, have been married for 22 years and am now a grandmother of a baby girl. I have also been involved in church worship teams since I was twelve and write my own books about God and wellness and the journey.
Her Wisdom

I would waste less time procrastinating and self-denigrating my ability to do what I was put on this earth to do.
As a writer, it is very easy to feel inadequate and unqualified and I have spent a regrettable amount of time feeding the negative mindsets built up over time in my own mind.
If God wants to move you in a different direction to what you have started in, just go with it. He knows best. So if there was anything I could do differently, it would be to take the task at hand and run with it and worry about the direction when God prompts me to. As a loving Father, he will always be there to guide when we give him permission to do so.

I had to take a good long look at the mindsets I had built up over my younger years about what God thought of me, what I was expected to do as a middle class white gal, and what the church expected of me. It was a long list. It took years to unravel and reverse some of the broken identity issues and some are still in process, but God is faithful. He lets us take the time we need and never wastes a thing. His grace, which I have never understood, undoes me time and again as I realise how much time I wasted in my younger years listening to the voices of others with agendas. 
So for me, understanding that no matter what I do, God is with me. Unflinching, even when I make horrendous mistakes. Even when I am selfish. Even when I use Pirate Mode language and lose my cool. He never leaves my side and loves me still. 
Letting this revelation sink in is incremental. I can look back and see the work done, but while in process, I am clueless. Thank God for his mercy!

I would listen less to the crowd and more to what God was speaking to your heart. 

But I would also say not to regret the decisions made or the experiences had because everything gets used. Even the tiny things that seem inconsequential matter to God. 

Regarding the writing world, it\\\\\\\'s less about what the status quo tell you that you \\\\\\\'should\\\\\\\' be doing, and more about listening to and releasing the unique voice God has given you.

The world needs to hear your voice, so whether it be released in poetry, fiction, prose, academic text or copy, it\\\\\\\'s your voice and He\\\\\\\'s planted that uniqueness in you, not someone else.

So just say what needs to be said. Say that which burns into your belly and relentlessly pursues you. Say the words that matter most to you and you\\\\\\\'ll find others who resonate with that and grow from it.