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Monika Zahler Education
Weisslingen / Zurich - Switzerland
Everything Finance
Her Story
My name is Monika and being true to the Swiss Clichés, I love chocolate, cheese, and I am a Swiss banker. I have been in Finance through all my career and my vision is to teach Finance, Investments, and retirement provisions to women of all ages (starting with girls and showing them how exciting numbers can be!!). After I had finished my basic business education in Switzerland, I spent half a year in New Zealand on a language course. It was in New Zealand where I had met the first Christians (although growing up in a traditional protestant family church). But only 10 years later when I was working for a Swiss bank in Singapore did I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. So I was born in Singapore! Despite some setbacks in my career, I am still hanging on to Finance as I believe this is where the Lord wants me to be. Also one of my goals is to "bridge" the apparently sophisticated finance terms to Mr and Mrs Everybody: To speak their language and make them at ease with numbers. I have a Master in Business Administration and a Master of Advenced Studies in Controlling.
Her Wisdom

Dare more often

To quit my "well paying and secure" job last summer. (Decision taken in summer 2018, last working day on October 31, 2018).

To trust the Lord with all my heart. To trust Him with my business decisions, to include Him as my business partner, to follow His voice (and His peace), to dare to jump with Him and to trust that He has given me those talents and to put them to work for Him. 

To trust Him with my finances.

For every industry: just do it.