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Donegal Town
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Her Story
I am a child of God, Irish mammy to two lovely hearts and married to my husband and life-long friend for 25 years. I live on the very edge of Europe - the Wild Atlantic Way - in the North West of Ireland in County Donegal. I am originally from Northern Ireland which is only a hop, skip and a jump over the border with the Republic of Ireland. Living through the troubles of Northern Ireland shaped much of my outlook on life and much of that I have been changing in more recent years guided by my Christian Catholic faith. I have lived most of my career life in the United Kingdom and have been living in the Republic of Ireland for the past 10 years. I am moving into my fifth decade and looking forward to it - it is going to be my decade - a time to grow! Music is a big part of our family life and I am blessed that both my children are avid traditional Irish music players - music is always in our home, I am their driver and gig agent!!. My career has spanned many aspects of the Marketing & Communications marketplace as well as Leadership & Strategy. I've worked for international ad-agency McCann Erickson for many years as well as transitioning to the in-house with leading corporate UK businesses. My field of expertise is Communications & using Modern Media guiding leaders of today and tomorrow to fulfil their mission and by doing so they will more good in the world for God's Kingdom. I have a growing interest in the field of intra-personal communication and will be bringing this to my own business offering into the future. I currently work for a faith-based organisation for about 5 years now. Lough Derg, the sanctuary of St Patrick, has been a place of Christian Pilgrimage since the 7th Century and has been written about by many of the literary greats down the centuries starting with Dante! It is known as the toughest pilgrimage in Europe. 2019 is my year to start the transition to working independently. I am still working this through as I walk with the Lord and I know he will light my way.
Her Wisdom
I believe that everything I have experienced, every choice I have made was the path I was to be on at that time. I was meant to learn what that choice brought me, sometimes I relied on myself and I got stuck. Thus I would pay attention to the signs quicker if I had a second chance. If I was to start over again I would take this with me - I can always love more, trust more and judge less - I know there have been times in my younger years that I failed miserably at all three of these. 
My biggest mind transformation continues to be ahead. To be totally free of the chains of the mind is hard - cut one and another pops up. It's a work in progress. Life has transformed for me when I stop trying to be in control and just let go - that is the greatest mind transformation we can have - trust. But if I may live in the heart-centre is the place where the greatest transform we want in our lives can truly happen. When we live a little more in this place the mind is forced to rest and the more it is forced to rest the more we become who we are really meant to be. 
Be yourself and don't give in to the naysayers, as hard as it is to manage those people, dig deep into who you are - what you believe in and if you don\'t believe in something then go find it and never be afraid to ask for help. Be humble as much as you can and equally so recognise when the situation calls for you to not be so humble, but always be kind. Always, always remember as you climb the career ladder to never forget each stage of the ladder - keep yourself connected and grounded no matter the heights you reach in your career. Most importantly - enjoy and be thankful. We are one in Him who loves us.