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Her Story
Hey I'm Sharryn! From a farm outside of Melbourne into the nations of the world, I've experienced what is possible when you dare to believe God. I'm married, had 3 gorgeous kids and travelled throughout Australia and from Africa to the Pacific Islands, pursing this powerful life God had in store. But after some incredible life experiences I went through a real low. I had not guarded myself or learned to handle the changes in my life. My family, faith and well being suffered. It took God and a whole-hearted decision to turn my life around. I committed myself to learning. I'd already had years of offline marketing experience (everything from TV, radio and print) but the internet opened a whole lot of new opportunities. I started an e-commerce health store and then went on to open a second business, selling designer kids clothing. Then in 2014 I stopped into coaching and consulting business entrepreneurs and leaders, bolstered by my certification from John Maxwell. Life became very fun helping others succeed. Now I help entrepreneurs and leaders with the strategies, accountability and faith to achieve their goals. Working online means I can connect anywhere in the world and still pursue facilitating the gospel throughout the world and spend quality time with my family.
Her Wisdom

If I was to start over today I would do two things:

1. Listen to my God given instincts. When we seek first the kingdom of God, all other things have a way of working out.

2. Find someone who is doing what I want and work with them closely. I thought I could figure it out, do it the cheap way and things would just ‘fall into place’. That’s not how success works.  You learn from those who are ahead of you. It’s the quickest and most powerful way to results.

When I stopped focusing on me, what I wanted and the situation of my life things started to change.  I started focusing all my attention on walking with God, being what the bible said I already was and really learning what it meant to seek first the Kingdom of God.

I found that I didn't get caught up in the overwhelm, the upset, the frustrations or the unbelief that I'd lived before. From a position of faith and confidence I could see ideas, strategies and priorities with the help of the Spirit of God.

This is the key to my husbands and I entrepreneurial efforts, to our travelling the world and seeing the gospel saving lives and not living the up-and-down rollercoaster anymore. I dared to believe the bible was literally true and my life is a testimony that that belief has been rewarded.


Get great training and practice, practice, practice.

Be ok with failing but then keep moving, get up and do it all over again. 

Put God first in everything you do - your plans, your finances, your marketing. 

Hire a mentor or get into a mastermind of people that are more advanced than you so you will learn quicker with excellence.


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