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Her Story
I'm a mum of three and a wife to one. And ever since I can remember I have loved nutrition. I received my bachelor in Nutritional Medicine in 2009 and have been working with people ever since. Despite loving people and sharing the message of good health I discovered that I actually really enjoy the business development side of things especially marketing, social media, public speaking and helping others build their own business. I decided to make this interest official last year by finishing my Grad Dip in Marketing (and hope to one day finish my Masters). I hope to continue to build my business to help busy working women from around Australia achieve their best health through the use of simple yet life changing tools. And in the near future my plans are to develop more programs and support for struggling biz owners and health focused businesses that just can't seem to get heard. In my 'spare time' I help run a small nonprofit, called Exousia Australia, that has been delivering health and education projects for over 5 years in developing communities in Myanmar.
Her Wisdom

One thing I would do differently is connect with more people. I didn't really seek out solid like minded connections until I realised I had been doing this alone for too long. At the time I felt that I was alone in my struggle and that everyone else in business knew what they were doing. Now I know better 🙂

To be truthful I\'ve always believed that I was meant to make a difference. However I didn\'t believe I was capable. I was afraid of failure and of success.

Then I realized... it wasn\'t about me. That it was really about Him.

This continues to be an ongoing challenge for me; to lay my fears at His feet and trust in Him to do the rest.

  1. The people who have gone before you have so much wisdom to share. Get around those who are happy to share it with you.
  2. Fight for excellence in our industry. There\'s big perceptions out there that nutrition and holistic wellbeing is a substandard form of healthcare. It\'s not true, don\'t believe it for a second.
  3. Don\'t give up. It takes longer than you think but the victories, although sometimes small, are worth it.