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Triangle House
Deebing Heights
Everything Creative
Her Story
We are a Mother-Daughter partnership who help bring unforgettable creative experiences together. We have a heart for creative small businesses and help elevate them to new opportunities & experinces. We work with shopping centres, local councils and other groups to tailor make creative events and workshops for them by utilising the talents of local artisans, makers and shakers. Our business is built around family and with two kids in our day-to-day, life is full and busy! We have the vision to see small creative businesses thriving at what they do! Our passion is to help others by equipping them with the tools they need to do amazing things, both in business and personally.
Her Wisdom

Caragh: Starting sooner! I was always scared to start because it wouldn't live up to the expectations in my head. I have learnt that by just starting and getting moving it's easier to pivot in the direction you want to go. 

Pauline: I would be careful who I would share my ideas with. Well-meaning people can cause you to doubt yourself. I would recommend finding a group of like-minded (business) people as soon as you know that you want to start your own business. Share your ideas with them, they know what it is like to run a business. The support, friendship & advise is invaluable, especially on tough days.   


Caragh: Learning that what happens in business is God working through you not you working in your own strength. I have the tendency to think that if I work harder the business will grow, but really when you put God and his ways in the centre of your business that's when it grows.

Pauline: God is more interested in you, than your business. I have learnt from other Christian business owners that. God will constantly grow and transform your thinking (if you allow him). Your business is a tool that God uses to get you to where he wants you to be. He wants to use you to impact those around you.

Caragh:  The creative industry is so much fun! It can also be hard work & emotional because it's such a vulnerable process, but it's so deeply rewarding! 

Pauline:  Sometimes you need to try a few different ways of doing things before you find the thing that's  the right fit for you & your business. It is still progress when you discover something doesn't work.