Encourage, Strengthen & Unite

Our Vision & Mission

To build a large, intimate community and directory of Christian women in business to help encourage, strengthen and unite them so they feel equipped for their business journey.

To see all the daughters of God that run businesses and who are in leadership to come together so they can form friendships, help and support each other and progress their career, business, leadership and personal growth.

To help them share women’s stories and promote their awesomeness and business.

To create tools and resources to help women align and draw closer to God in their businesses.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty, generosity, kindness, love, forgiveness, calmness, creative, bold, freedom, active, moving forward, movement, strive, ministry, kingdom, no other name.


Directory – Form an online directory with profiles we can see each other and what we do and for people to find the business owners and for NGO’s and businesses to come together and create partnerships.

Community – Have a private community on FB to share, ask questions and build the friendships.  Devotionals, share expertise, support ask questions.

Business Socials – Small intimate, Face to Face groups that meet monthly, where we pray for one and other, talk through problems and talk about business topics.

CWIB Online Academy – To share educational resources through videos, workbooks and resources from experts in their field. Goal and Accountability section. 

CWIB Shop – To create tools and resources to help women align and draw closer to God in their businesses.

Conference/Summit/ Retreat/Workshops – Come together in person, praise God, have rest time and educate with speakers and workshops

Free Digital Magazine – To educate women in business and promote their businesses. Have featured spots for the directory for business owners to promote their business.

Podcasts – Sharing stories from women in business, leadership and NGO’s, to share God’s wisdom and biblical business principles and to inspire women across the globe.

If at any time you feel you need to get in contact with us, you can do so via the Contact Us page.

Membership by application

To make sure we keep our community and directory one that’s worth joining we review every application to join. We do a check to make sure that you’re not in any industry that isn’t suitable to the integrity of CWIB and to protect our members. We do not accept women from businesses in the following industries: pyramid schemes, gambling, get-rich-quick or pharmacy/quick weight loss programs. We also don’t allow any NLP coaches, yoga instructors, card readers or anyone or any business that we see is part of the New Age movement. We have the right to decline any person we believe doesn’t fit into our community/business values.

Grace over Grind ~ It's all about God