You Are Good Enough For Jesus

Dear Lady, know that no matter how big or small your business is, you are still enough for Jesus.

No matter how much money is in the bank, if you have staff in your business or not you are good enough for Jesus.

Whether you feel like you’re failing, maybe your business idea didn’t work, you are still good enough for Jesus.

Maybe your marketing isn’t converting or there is a bill coming up that you don’t have the resources for, you are still enough for Jesus.

Even if you think you’re not worthy, it doesn’t matter, Jesus is the one who decides… and He’s already decided 😆. Jesus doesn’t take into account worldly stuff like we do, He see’s things with kingdom eyes. He died and was resurrected so all have a chance to be saved, not just the Jews.

He loves you lovely lady, remember business doesn’t determine your salvation, Jesus does. All He wants to do is have a relationship with YOU 💕🕆 Thank you Jesus, that you love us no matter what and in our sin, your amazingness shines brighter 😍