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Be Fruitful and Multiply

Let me encourage you today to be fruitful and multiply. What an awesome thing it is to be and feel productive. I believe that we cannot move ahead in creating more money unless we understand that it’s okay to do so and we are blessed to be a blessing. We can be fruitful and multiply. One of the greatest … Read more

#2 – Using Bold Grace for Huge Impact

Ever wondered what it’s like to run a business built on grace and God’s favour? Check in to this week’s podcast where SJ interviews Kristin and Rebecca from Relevant Entrepreneur. From calling to profit. Kristen and Rebecca are equipping and empowering women to pursue their God-given business dreams.​ Kristin and Rebecca’s Top 5 Tips: 1. … Read more

#1 – Welcome To The CWIB Podcast!

[powerpress] Welcome to the first podcast of CWIB! For our first podcast we got together the ladies who have helped and brought CWIB together for you. Emily Horsfall Emily Bell Jen Freeman Sarah-Jane Meeson We wanted to create a platform where women can come to be inspired, to learn from women who have been there … Read more